Only You ~ A 1D Fanfic

Kristeena Perry is Katy Perrys little sister and when katy gets called to do something its up to Kristeena to give 1D their awards for the kids choice awards,,,, what will happen? will she mess up ? or will something good come out of it.


2. That feeling.

Katy's P.O.V

I felt bad not telling Kristi that Russel had called to have dinner but i couldnt do that because she hated him so i just told her it was management, 

While we were almost there , she looked pale has a baby's buttcheek, "Hey Kristi , its gonna be alright." i said smiling without taking my eyes off the road.

"No its not everyone is gonna expect the famous KATY PERRY but instead get her ugly lit-" she started to say but i cut her off with a slap on the arm.,

"Hey ! your beautiful ! didnt one direction tell you tha-" i started to say but she turned up the radio and on it said

"Tonight on the KCA's special performace by One Direction, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, And Justin Bieber with your special host.. Katy Perry..wait a minute theres been a change , Katy's sister Kristeena is going to be hosting so we'll see where this goes on tonight at 8 on fox 40"

We finally arrived to the studio and i had to literally drag her out the car, we both walked on the red carpet and into the intrance.

Kristeena's P.O.V

While me and katy were walking the carpet, people were taking pictures of both of us and asking for autographs and hugs, but of course i was running a little late it was 7:55 and i had to get there before Me and katy literally ran towards the stage until i bumped into someone, i looked up and he had this curly brown hair and these sharp green eyes, We sat there for a while until i realized it was ......harry styles.

My sister katy pulled me and i almost fell, "Im sorry.." i yelled over my shoulder going on to the stage with katy,, i felt sick when i stepped my foot onto the stage...

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