Only You ~ A 1D Fanfic

Kristeena Perry is Katy Perrys little sister and when katy gets called to do something its up to Kristeena to give 1D their awards for the kids choice awards,,,, what will happen? will she mess up ? or will something good come out of it.


3. Opening

Kristeena's P.O.V

As me and katy walked towards center stage, i looked around the stadium and it was crowded with people....i felt sick to my stomach, the lady gave katy a microphone and katy spoke.. "Hello MTV AWAAAAAAAARDS" she screamed and the crowd cheered and clapped, then she continued "Um...i have a meeting with my management co. and so my sister Kristeena will be taking over is that okay ?" she said smiling at me and grabbing my hand.. the crowd cheered and i heard a couple of people yell out like "She cute" or "She pretty" i kinda blushed at that moment and katy handed me the microphone,

"What am i supposed to do?" i said forgetting that i had a mic in my hand and the crowd laughed

"Do what you normally do sis, and maybe you'll get lucky with your 5 husbands" she said winking at the crowd and the crowd awed, i think they knew what she was talking about..

"Oh shhhh katy !" i said giving her a hug goodbye, she walked off the stage and i turned around to the crowd, i think i looked at everyone before speaking... " i dont know what to do so ima just read this card thing and lets see how it goes" i read the card . 

"Okay so to start off this mtv  awards ceremony, number 1 heartthrob will be guest performing lets give it up to.....On-" i paused and looked up at the crowd whose eyes were glued to me.... "its a surprise " i said running off the stage, all the lights went down and 1D has hopped on the stage and the lights came back on and OH MY GAWD, the crowd got hella loud and my ears started to die.... They started performing and my eyes were glued to harry ...he was just so damn fine.


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