Only You ~ A 1D Fanfic

Kristeena Perry is Katy Perrys little sister and when katy gets called to do something its up to Kristeena to give 1D their awards for the kids choice awards,,,, what will happen? will she mess up ? or will something good come out of it.


6. On The Walk

Kristeena's P.O.V

I started walking then i felt a couple of cold drops on my head then it started to pour down rain and even worse there was a thunder storm, i was wearing heels and a jacket and the dress was strapless, my hair was now uncurled and ugly and wet, my makeup started to smear. 

I took off my heels and kept walking until i heard a couple of horns honking behind me, i turned around and i realized that i was in the middle of the street, i freaked out and ran down the street, i felt like i was drunk but i was just off.

About 20 minutes passed and i didnt know where i was, i was in this neighbor hood where there were these really nice houses, then a car passed and pulled into a house that was like a couple feet away from me, then they person got out and it was harry, he looked me straight in the eyes and looked upset, i stopped and looked down... "KRISTEENA , is that you" i heard him yell, i walked closer and nodded ,

He ran down to the sidewalk to where i was .. "she made you walk home ?" i could hear the anger in his voice... i looked up and he was staring ..waiting for the answer.. "yeah" i said quietly, harry grabbed my arm and pulled me into his flat or house or whatever the fuck it is. He sat me on the couch and went in his room

He came back seconds later with a pair of Clvin Klein boxers and a gray t-shirt that had a heart in the corner and it said lover in it, he threw it to me and told me to put that on , he pointed to the bathroom and i walked into it was huge, mirrors were everywhere, i got out of the dress and changed into the clothes he gave to me, the shirt literally went down just a little above my knees ,, so it looked like i had no pants on  but i didnt care, i threw my hair up into a bun and walked out...










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