Only You ~ A 1D Fanfic

Kristeena Perry is Katy Perrys little sister and when katy gets called to do something its up to Kristeena to give 1D their awards for the kids choice awards,,,, what will happen? will she mess up ? or will something good come out of it.


1. Last Minute News

Kristeena's P.O.V

I was laying on the couch , just scrolling through more 1D tweets because im like IN LOVE with them haha , i then saw that they were nominated for best group and something else, then i saw that my sister katy was hosting the show....... "Kristiiiii COME HERE NOOOW" i heard my sister yell, i jumped up and ran to her service.

"Yes katy ? did you need something" i answered politely trying to make it sound like i was not just stalking 1D's twitter...

"Um management called and i need you to do the show for me...MTV said its alright so go in my closet and find something cute" she calmly told me but i was freaking out!

"WHAT , I HAVE TO DO IT OMG ONE DIRECTION IS GONNA BE THERE IM GOING TO MESS UP ." i said grabbing clothes out of her closet, 

"You'll be find renae" she said  and came out and got this cute silkly black dress out that was short in the front and long in the back, she threw it to me and i threw it on,

"What time are the awards ?" i asked slipping out of my clothes and slipping into the dress, she threw me these red high heels and pushed me into the bathroom.

"It starts at 8" she said ,  Curling my the time she was dont it was about 7.... holy shit i got to get out of here, i threw on some eyeliner and some mascara and some red lipstick and got in the car,  Katy came out 5 minutes later with a hershey bar...she gave it to me and we headed off to the MTV awards..

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