Only You ~ A 1D Fanfic

Kristeena Perry is Katy Perrys little sister and when katy gets called to do something its up to Kristeena to give 1D their awards for the kids choice awards,,,, what will happen? will she mess up ? or will something good come out of it.


5. Backstage

Harry's P.O.V

The Awards were amazing....all i did was watch Kristeena. She looked absoluty beautiful...her long black hair with her bright green eyes she was perfect...well for me. When the awards ended, i went backstage because i had to see her again...or atleast get her number..but i couldnt find her .............anywhere.

I kinda just paced back in forth until i bumped into somebody and then a heard a soft voice say "Oh im so sorry...." she kinda trailed off, i looked up and it was Kristeena.... I smiled "Its alright love" i said looking into her eyes, she looked down and blushed and walked away....OH HAROLD WHAT ARE YOU DOING GO GET HER ..

I ran after her and grabbed her hand ..she turned around and smiled "harry..." she said laughing, made me have butterflies with her even saying my name.. "Uhh...can i have your number" i said shyly...WTF SHYLY HARRY>>> 

She looked unsure but looked around for a piece of paper , she had a pen behind her ear , she found a piece of paper and wrote her number on it and gave it to me, she was so smiley....but then it faded when katy came back in...

"Harry.." katy said blankly grabbing kristeena's arms pulling her away from me.. i figured she was pissed because i had kissed kristeena on stage....  After about 5 minutes i heard screaming and yelling

Kristeena's P.O.V

"Why did you kiss him Kristi, you know its bad publicity for me!" katy started screaming in my face , "RIGHT BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS ABOUT YOU" i yelled back and got out of her grip.. "KRISTEENA , Dont you dare scream at me !" katy yelled back, I flipped her off and ran back to where harry was,

I literally jumped back into harrys arms and he caught me, i was surprised  then i saw Louis taking a picture and i moved my head so now my hair was in my face... "Is everything alright love?" harry asked in my ear not letting me go.. "No, Katy is mad because we kissed and she said that its bad for her publicity.." i said trailing off, jumping off of harry but stumbling a little because i was still in heels,

"Oh im sorry love, do you need a ride home ? harry asked pulling me into another hug.. "no i think im okay, but ima go okay ? it was really nice meeting you harry"  i said pulling away from the hug running the my hands down his chest...Yolo right ? xD

I started walking towards the entrance , i looked back and harry was talking to Louis and Zayn , they were all smiling at me, so i figured i waved, they waved back and i ran into the wall...smooth one. I busted out laughing and so did they , i finally turned the corner and didnt see katy, but there was still alot of people  behind the red velvet ropes on the red carpets, thats when i knew......i was walking home.

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