Every Girls Dream

Brittney Carter tried her hardest as her life as a dancer and starting up here singing career. One day her dance coach brings in special guests and she was anxious to know who it was. Her mission was to teach her partner the moves to the dance by the end of the summer's Jamfest, what happens when she falls in love on the way?


2. The Fight For Love

Brittney's POV

I bent over and rummaged through my dance bag until I heard light footsteps behind me. I turned around and saw Niall standing there.


"Hey can I talk to you?" Niall asks.

I give him a smile and sit down on the bench and he sits down right next to me. " So ermm.. I was wondering.. do you want to practice the routine tonight at my house?" He asks, stuttering. I give a big smile and nod, " Sure Niall I will love to." He looks relieved for a second until I saw something else in his eyes, guilt?

Niall's POV

I stood in the main office of Talent Dance Center with my mates. " We should look through the window!" Harry suggests. " I don't think that is a good idea.." Liam says worry clear in his voice. The boys snicker. " Come on Daddy Direction!"
"I guess.."
Harry tiptoes to the door and peeks through the window and lets out a whistle. "Guys come look at this babe!"
We look through the window eagered to see this girl Harry was talking about. I see a girl in blue sparkly short shorts and sports bra with her lone blonde hair tied to a ponytail with a bow on the side. She does a couple turns then slides into the splits. I groan and immediately put my hand over my area, feeling the pain.
"Dibs!" Harry calls.
" Harry you can't call dibs on a girl, they are still human!" Louis scolds him.
Zayn and Liam agree and I shift around uncomfortably. Knowing Harry, I would have no chance with that girl if Harry likes her too.We here a muffled yell and as if it was our cue, we enter the studio room. The girls gasp and cover their mouths. I glance at the girl and look down, keeping focus on my shoes. " So the partners are Liam and Alice, Zayn and Cierra,and Louis with Erica,Maddie with Harry and Niall with Brittney!" I am officialy screwed by Harry.
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