Every Girls Dream

Brittney Carter tried her hardest as her life as a dancer and starting up here singing career. One day her dance coach brings in special guests and she was anxious to know who it was. Her mission was to teach her partner the moves to the dance by the end of the summer's Jamfest, what happens when she falls in love on the way?


1. Five Attractive Boys

Brittney's POV

I did four pirouettes in a row before sliding down into the middle splits. The door busts open and my coach, Mrs.Hailey, walks in with a Starbucks coffee in one hand and her purse in the other. I stand up and shake my legs out before walking over and grabbing my water bottle. "GIRLS! LINE UP!" My coach yells, her voice hoarse. We line up amongst the mirror and stand there panting. I could literally feels the girls beside me body heat radiating onto me. " So girls it is special guest week, and as we all know it's our favorite part of dance!" Mrs. Haley says with enthusiasm. "Will we be going to nationals!?" Maddie , stuck up dancer, asks raising her hand. Mrs. Haley ignores her question and continues " And our special guests are- BOYS GET IN HERE!" The doors swing open and we all gasp, standing right in front of me about five steps away are five attractive boys, One Direction.
Well yeah they are good looking and all, but, they suck dancing. My coach announced that our team will each get a partner to teach for our Jamfest competition over the summer. Mrs.Haley looks down at the names of partners " Alice with Liam" i shake even more nervous. " Cierra with Zayn" I gasp as my bestfriend gets her celebrity crush wow lucky her! "Louis with Erica, Maddie with Harry and Brittney with Niall."
I hold tightly onto Niall's shirt as he dipped me down, afraid he was gonna drop me like the several other times my butt made contact with the floor. He chuckles and brings me back in a standing position as he grabs my hands and slides me between his legs and swings me back up in the air and I roll into a little ball and do a flip, still holding onto Niall. I hear loud clapping behind us and I turn slightly and see the boys clapping with stupid grins on their faces. I look down to hide my blush and i feel two fingers slide under my chin and bring my head up."Don't hide your blush, it's cute." Niall's Irish accent whispers in my ear and sends shivers down my spine.I see Harry out of the corner of my eye giving Niall the biggest glare ever, if looks could kill, Niall would be sprawled out on the floor dead by now.
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