Wolf Boy

A new boy enter Laura's school, he's different, mysterious and intoxicating. Will Laura end up falling for him? (duhh obviously)
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3. The Giant Wolf in the Forest~3

           My mind stayed on James for the rest of the school day. I decided to walk home today, it was only a ten-minute walk and I hated riding the bus. To get home I had to walk through a pretty forest. The trees were as tall as a two-story building and the light sparkled through the canopy up above and there was a little babbling brook a hundred feet off the path. I loved coming here to just relax and get my mind off of things.
        I felt really happy on my walk home, so I was started to show off my horrid dance moves to the forest twirling, spinning, and shaking  my little tail feathers to it. It's what I do when I'm happy; it's fun being able to show off my dance moves to someone. In the middle of a leap, I heard a twig snap, I whipped my head around, no one ever came this way, almost no kids lived near me but those who did were to afraid to come into the forest. My eyes scanned the trees. I saw something whirring past but just behind my good range of sight. It seemed slightly blurry but almost looked like a giant wolf. That almost seems impossible there are barely any wolfs here and those that are, are in more of the northern part of the forest away from civilization. The giant wolf suddenly stopped about a hundred yards away right next to the babbling brook. I moved closer. You could obviously tell it heard me. Its ears were twitching back and forth listening to all of the twigs I broke as I walked. As the distance between us started to close I started to get a better look at the wolf, it had beautiful white fur and this cute black nose, but I couldn't see it's eyes, because it's head was bent down to drink water from the brook. Now I was only about ten feet away from the wolf. The wolf paused from drinking the water and just stood there for a second looking at it, before he raised his head to look at me. His eyes were the most magnificent color I had ever seen. They glistened a beautiful turquoise green with flecks of gold scattered throughout the iris. The wolf just continued to stare at me, when he slowly took a step forward as if trying not to scare me. It suddenly now occurred to me that this was a freak'n giant wolf and he could kill me! With that realization in mind I took a half step back. The wolf froze. I didn't know what to do, I could run but what would that do me, I saw how quickly he ran before, or I could stay and face the consequences... I would never be able to out run him, so why not be brave? I took a hesitant half step forward, the wolf watched me as if he could wait forever if it meant getting to him. This time I took a full step, the wolf continued to stare. I stopped this was stupid by the time I finally reached the wolf I would be fifty. Sighing I took the last remaining steps till I was close enough to touch the wolf. I slowly started to lift my hand up; I figured he'd smell it first, like a dog. He did, and then I started to pet him. He seemed to almost purr under my touch. Since this wolf obviously wasn't going to attack I started to speak to it "Ya know you seem kinda familiar, not like in the sense that I see giant wolfs in the forest everyday, but that I've met you before." The wolf almost seemed to stop purring for a second before continuing on with it's noise. I looked up the trees had almost lost there sparkle. "Shoot" I whispered while pulling out my phone to check the time it was 6:30 I was supposed to be home over an our ago, "I have to go" I whispered to the lone wolf. As I started to walk away when I noticed him keeping pace with me. "Thanks for the walk home, just don't turn into a stalker or anything. The wolf scoffed at my comment but didn't do anything else. Walking seemed comfortable, natural..... Soon my house loomed in the distance, I frowned I didn't want to leave the comfort of being in the wolfs presence, I quickly leaned over and pecked the wolf on the cheek,"I'll see you soon!" I yelled behind my back as I ran to my house.

Jame's POV
            I was itching to be in my wolf from, ever since I had met Laura in History it kept pushing to come out. Opposed to contrary belief we don't have two personalities in a wolf, it's the same person in a different form. Finally the day ended and I could finally enjoy my wolf, I had seen a forest near the school and it looked void of people. I think I had heard ghost stories and stuff about it at school. But I had never believed in ghost stories and such nonsense. I got in my jeep and headed to the forest. parking off the road on the gravel, I rushed into the forest. Quickly I stripped off my clothes and changed my form. My back started to arch and all my bones started to break, I howled in pain. Soon the transition was complete, I heard a brook a while away, I started to run to it. It felt wonderful my muscles releasing and tightening, I was a blur to any human eye. The brook was then right next to me, I stopped, I smelled something familiar, I looked out the corner of my eye, it was Laura! 
        She was looking straight at me. Shoot, I couldn't run away she had just seen me, but then again I almost didn't want to.... I continued to stare at her. She took a hesitant step forward then stopped then took another step before stopping but then she just started walking towards me. She stopped about ten feet away from me. I looked up into her beautiful blue eyes. I couldn't resist taking a step forward to fall into those eyes even more. She took a half step back. I froze. The fear on Laura’s was slowly replaced with determination as she took a baby step forward. She seemed to sigh and started walking towards me again. Not quickly enough. When she was close enough to touch me, she brought her hand up to my nose. I sniffed it while grazing my nose against her hand she seemed to shiver. She smelled amazing like vanilla and fresh baked cookies. Her hand started to gently stroke my fur. It felt amazing. My chest rumbled with delight. After a while she started to talk to me and I was encompassed in her voice not being able to focus on a word she said till her hand was removed from my fur. I looked up in disappointment; she had started to walk away. Quickly I trotted back up to her.  Too soon we arrived at her house "I'll see you soon," Laura called out as she entered the house. And you have no idea how soon, like maybe tomorrow at school........

A/N Thanks to everyone who's reading this it really means a lot to me <3

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