Wolf Boy

A new boy enter Laura's school, he's different, mysterious and intoxicating. Will Laura end up falling for him? (duhh obviously)
*this story is also on qoutev........


2. The Detz~2

      "Yes Sir" James replied. "Well you can have the seat right there next to Laura" said Mr.Cook. I quickly hid my face to hide the tomato colored blush that had consumed my whole face. "Now, I guess we will have an even number of partners now, so go ahead and choose them and get started." Mr. Cook said to the class before sitting gown behind his desk.  I took a glance behind me already knowing that everyone would already be taken. With my guess proven right I turned to James "Would you like to be partners?"
"Umm, yeah sure."
"Did you catch anything on the project?"
"No, he covered it all before I came."
I started to go over the project with James. When I finished we had about five minutes to the bell, we hadn’t gotten to get anything done, we were way behind. Turning to James I asked “Can I have your number?-I don't mean it like that it's just we're kinda behind on the project" I continued to ramble on like that for a good two minutes before stopping it with a  "so can I have your number." James threw back his head in laughter "yeah you can have it but only if I can have yours." Smiling I wrote down my number on the piece of paper and handed it to him. His number landed in my hand just as the bell rang. "I'll see you later" I told him as James and I parted ways at the door. "See ya later" he replied.
        Walking to my next class I couldn't keep this grin off my face, not that I minded, I always thought people look prettier with a smile on their face even a goofy one. Alissa was in my next class, L.A. (Language Arts) and I was bursting to tell her the news. But before I could get to the classroom the butt face of our school Lexi came up to me, “Gosh Laura don't you have any where else to be your so fat it's disgusting." I sighed that woman needed to get a hold of herself, "yes my next class which you’re keeping me from and I’d rather be fat then have my boobs pour out of my shirt, you might wanna fix that by the way." She looked so pissed as I walked away, I mean seriously I know I'm fat, I'm not blind, but seriously that girl pushes all the wrong buttons. I walked into the classroom to see a beacon of light named Alissa. This class was nice because instead of those weird chair desk things we actually had regular tables with movable chairs. I took my seat near Lilissa in the front of the classroom. 

"Guess what!" I said. 
"Umm i don't know tell me." 
"I am now officially project partners with the new kid James Morgan!"
"What seriously??!!??"
"Yeah, he's in my history class now!" :)
"Gosh I swear you are so lucky."
I glance away for dramatic flare before turning back around to face her with a ridiculous face while saying "I know.” We laughed until the bell rang and the teacher explained the assignment we would be working on for the rest of the class, but my mind couldn’t stay away from the cute new boy James Morgan for the rest of the class.

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