Wolf Boy

A new boy enter Laura's school, he's different, mysterious and intoxicating. Will Laura end up falling for him? (duhh obviously)
*this story is also on qoutev........


1. New kid~1

The hall looks completely deserted; it wouldn't be surprise me if a tumble weed came rolling down it. School started at least fifteen minutes ago, so I was late for class, because wasn’t in my plans this morning to wake up two minutes before school started. Stepping into the classroom almost every head turns to look in my direction, I rush to hand my teacher Ms .Jones my note. She shoots me glare as I stumble to my seat in the back of the class. That lady has made me hate science, a class I normally like. She then started to go on about the moon and its cycles talking to us like we were kindergartners with absolutely no idea how it worked. “The moon goes through the whole cycle every twenty nine days and you can always tell if it’s waxing or waning by if the light is coming in from the left or right side” Ms. Jones continued this painful speech till the end of class. The bell came like a miracle sent down from heaven.
                Scooping up my bag from the floor I practically ran out the door. My eyes scoped the hallway looking for my friend Alissa. Absolutely none of my friends were in my next class and I wanted to at least talk to one before I had to go cold turkey for a full hour. I spotted her jet black hair and her horn rimmed blue glasses on her cute Korean face. “Lilissa” I screamed at the top of my lungs. Her head whipped around “Oh hey Laura” she said walking back to me, “did you hear about the new guy?”“No, do you know where he’s from?” I asked. “Someone told me he’s from Minnesota, but I don’t know for sure, I’ll fill you in on the detz later” “Bye” I yelled at her shrinking figure.
                My history class consisted of a lot of preps, and I just don’t care to know any of those snobs and the rest already had close friends, so I chose to stay the loner. Sitting down in my seat I placed my binder on the empty seat next to me. An echo from the bell filled the room, telling us this horrid class had started; I sighed and started to work on my warm up.  Mr. Cook, my teacher stood up after explaining the warm up to us and started to go into detail about a huge project we had to do over the next few weeks. “You’ll be needing a partner but there will have to be a group of three since there is an odd-“ he stopped speaking when a boy with tan skin and buzzed brown hair walked in. “And you must be the new student James Morgan” he said. 

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