Wolf Boy

A new boy enter Laura's school, he's different, mysterious and intoxicating. Will Laura end up falling for him? (duhh obviously)
*this story is also on qoutev........


4. Just a feeling....hopefully~4

  Neither one of my parents were at home when I walked through the door. My parents don't usually come home till around six thirty, so I had about an hour and a half of free time. Feeling tired I walked over to the couch and laid down. As I rest my head against the couch my eyes slowly drift close as sleep envelopes me.        The trees around me stand at least four stories high with almost no light from moon filtering through the canopy. I stand in a clearing, my bare feet resting on the damp soil. Closing my eyes I felt something strong thrumming within me. A howl echoes through the forest, carried by the chilling breeze. I listen to the forest. The one that howled will be here soon. When he arrived he started to circle me. "Halt," I yelled. The steps slow, as I slowly open my eyes. A black wolf stands before me. Somehow I can see his black soul. My power starts to thrum against my skin, as if aching to hurt the black soul within the beast.

"What do you want?"I growl.
"You" a voice echoes in my head.
I smile and walk up to him.
"Is that what you really want wolf?" I say, the power starting to rise even more.
"Too bad" His paw reaches out to push me but I shove it away, my power finally coming loose. Shoving him   gain I send him flying backwards. He tries to get up again but I hold him down with the power. "You and your kind stay away from me, they is not welcome here!" I seethe.

        The forest starts to fade and my eyes flutter open. That dream was weird; that person seemed like another me, but someone more powerful...... Standing up I went into the kitchen to do the dishes; my dad would get mad if I didn't. There was window in front of the sink, so I could see the whole forest before me, almost an exact copy from the dream. As I scrubbed the dishes my fear started to grow from the ominous feeling of the forest. My hands scrubbed harder and faster as I hurried to finish the dishes. With the last dish done I slammed the curtains shut. Running around the house I locked all the windows and doors and closed all the curtains. It felt like those moments when the forest has complete silence because all the animals are hiding from something.
        Sitting down on the couch I tried to finish my homework, but that feeling kept on haunting me. The clock on the wall told me it was five forty five; I had about thirty minutes till it got dark. Grabbing my phone of the coffee table I headed out into the forest. My mind wandered as I walked through the forest and I didn’t realize how the light was slowly fading from the forest.


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