Wolf Boy

A new boy enter Laura's school, he's different, mysterious and intoxicating. Will Laura end up falling for him? (duhh obviously)
*this story is also on qoutev........


5. James....?~5

       The sun had gone down a while ago and I had lost the trail leaving me stranded in the forest. "Uuuuuhhhh" I yelled at my stupidity. I started to pace in a circle in the small clearing I was in. How was I gonna get out of here?And how was I gonna get back home before my parents got there, they would kill me if they knew I was in the forest after dark. I started drumming on my legs to get rid of some of my nervous energy, I kept on feeling a bump in my pants as I banged on my legs. My phone, I can't believe I forgot about it. I pulled it out and turned on GPS, I started walking towards the road. Who could I call? My parents would be pissed because I was in the forest, Alissa didn't have a car, there was James but we had just met.....Looks like I'm walking. I finally reached the road, it would take me about fifteen minutes to get home and by then my parents could possibly be home, hopefully they were running late.
        The road was deserted with the forest running along both sides. I started walking. I kept on getting this feeling that someone was watching me. I didn't have any light except for the moon overhead and that wasn't much. I picked up my pace. I kept on hearing twigs breaking and I wasn't the one breaking them. I started running. I could then hear footsteps slamming behind me. I picked up my pace, but the foot steps kept on getting louder. When I was finally yanked back, my mouth being covered by this strangers hand. I started thrashing around. "STOP STRUGGLING!" the man yelled. I bit his  hand and shoved him back anything to get him off me. He tried to reach for me again but I clocked him. I started running again, but he instantly caught up with me and through me on the ground. He straddled me and took my wrists in his hand as he started to bind them with duct tape. When he was done he threw me over his soldier like I was nothing and started to walk off with me when I was suddenly dropped. Face first. I tried to catch myself but with it just very badly hurt since my wrists were tied. I heard a couple grunts as I was laying there before I was flipped over to face.....James? 
        He quickly ripped the duct tape off my wrists and yanked it off. "Are you alright?" he asked. "I could be better" I replied. "Well let's get you home" he said as he guided me to his car parked near the side of the road. I nodded, I was still slightly shaking. He helped my into his jeep, I kept quite till he arrived at my house "Thanks, for everything." I said  quietly. "Laura are you sure you're okay?"James asked. "I will be", I replied. I shut the door and walked into my house. My parents thankfully hadn't come home yet. I walked into the bathroom and started cleaning my scrapes, my wrists were purple and blue from my fall. I walked into my room changed into my pajamas and went to bed.


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