I Should Hate You but I Love You

Emma Marie Potter is a Potter. Draco Malfoy is a Malfoy. She hates him but loves him. He hates her but loves her. How will this turn out in the end? Read more to find out :D


2. Diagon Alley

Here's the second chapter!!! Enjoy everyone!!!

Emma's POV

When I woke up I was the only one in Ginny's room. I got up and walked out of Ginny's room. I saw George was walking up the stairs to his room.

"Morning Georgey." He chuckled. 

"Morning Emmy." I giggled. I hugged him and he rested his head on my shoulder.

"Are you feeling better?"

"Yup." I said popping the 'P' We just stayed like that for a bit. Fred came down the stairs. He cleared his throat. We both jumped and looked at him. I started blushing.

"Fred, it was nothing, I swear. We were just hugging." I told Fred.

"Whatever." He said rolling his eyes. He stomped back up the stairs.

"No please Fred, wait." I started to go after him but George got my arm.

"I'll go. But just answer this. Will we ever be something?"

"No I couldn't do that to Fred, and neither could you." He sighed and walked up the stairs. I walked down the stairs to the kitchen. I saw Harry and Ginny were sitting there.

"Harry, Ginny."

"Emma." They said at the same time. They both giggled and looked at each other. I rolled my eyes and walked outside. The sun was already up high in the sky. Suddenly I felt a pair of warm hands on my shoulders. I turned around and saw George. 

"Hi." I said smiling. 


"Hows Freddy?" 

"He's good. Today would you like to see our shop?" I smiled even bigger and nodded.

"Of course!!!" I hugged him tightly. 

"Um Emma?" 

"Ya." I said looking at his face.

"Would you, umm like to go out with me tonight?" He started blushing, how cute.

"Yes, of course." 


 I nodded.

"It's ok with Fred, right?"

He nodded and smiled. I hugged him again. Finally I am going on a date with George Weasley!!!! 

I went upstairs to get changed for the day out in Diagon Alley.

I got changed in this...http://www.polyvore.com/diagon_alley/set?id=63745523

When I was done I walked down the stairs and saw everyone was sitting on the couch waiting for me. Ron saw me and stood up.

"Finally!!!"He said. 

I giggled and walked over to Ron who was standing by the door. He looked at me and then at everyone else. 

"Let's go!" Everyone laughed. They stood up and started for the door. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley weren't coming so it was just Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Fred, George and me going. We said our goodbyes and then walked over to the fireplace. Harry went first, then Ron, then Hermione, then Ginny and then Fred. It was me and George left in by the fireplace. 

"George, I can't do it. What if I go to a different place like in my second year?" He looked at me and grabbed my hands. 

"You can do it, ok? I'll go first and then you go, I will be on the other side waiting for you, ok?" I looked into his eyes and smiled. 

"Ok." He hugged me and then stepped into the fireplace. Once he disappeared I grabbed the floo powder and stepped into the fireplace. I took a deep breath. 

"Diagon Alley." I dropped the floo powder and closed my eyes. Then I heard George's voice.

"Emma?" I opened my eyes and saw George was smiling down at me. I jumped up into his arms. He laughed.

"George! I did it! I did it!" He laughed some more and pulled me closer. I pulled away and walked out of the shop. We saw everyone else waiting for us outside. We all walked up to Fred and George's joke shop. It looked amazing! I ran up to the window and saw thousands of people in the shop. George walked up behind me and grabbed my shoulders.

"Would you like a little tour?" I smiled and turned around to look into his eyes. 

"Of course." He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the shop. It was so busy in there. George showed me everything that was in the shop. Then he took me into a room above the shop. He held my hand the whole time and I felt safe. 

"This is my room." I looked at the room, it was a bit small but I guess he was fine with it. There was a bed next to the window and a desk in the corner. 

"It's amazing! Everything, the shop, your room, you." I said the last bit quietly hoping he wouldn't hear me. He looked down at me and smiled. 

"You are amazing as well." I looked up at him and smiled. Then I heard Harry. 

"Emma, we're leaving."

I sighed. 

"You coming?" I asked George.

"I'm living here now." He replied.

I sighed again and hugged him. 

"I'll pick you up at 7, ok?" George asked me.

I smiled and nodded. I kissed him on the cheek and left. I walked down the stairs and saw Harry, Ron and Hermione were waiting by the door. 

"What about Ginny?" 

"She already left." I smiled and we all walked out of the shop. The trio stopped and looked at Ollivander's. I kept walking and then saw Draco was walking down an alley way. I followed him wondering what he was doing here. He walked up to Borgin and Burkes. Weird, what does he need from there. Then I saw Bellatrix. I gasped and leaned up to a wall so she couldn't see me. I tried to see what was going on but I couldn't see anything. I just waited for Draco to come out. Then I heard the door open. Bellatrix and a bunch of Death Eaters walked past me. Then Draco's mum and finally Draco. I grabbed his arm and he gasped. He saw me and rolled his eyes. I pulled him over into a different alley way. 

"What do you want, Potter?" 

"What the hell are you doing with a bunch of Death Eaters?" He looked at me and sighed. He rolled up his sleeve and then I saw the dark mark on his forearm. 

"No, Draco! Why?" 

"Do you seriously think I wanted this?!?" 


"Well I didn't and now I have to serve Him!" He started crying. I hugged him and comforted him. I know I hate him and all but he needs someone at a time like this. 

"Shhh, Draco it's going to be ok." 

"No it's NOT!" 

"It will be, I'm here for you, remember that." He looked at me with his grey eyes. 

"Thank you. I better go, no one hears about this, got it Potter." I nodded and watched him leave. It started raining. I sat down in the alley way and just let the rain soak me. I don't know why but I care for Draco. I can't like him I like George and only George not Draco. But what if I do like Draco. 

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