I Should Hate You but I Love You

Emma Marie Potter is a Potter. Draco Malfoy is a Malfoy. She hates him but loves him. He hates her but loves her. How will this turn out in the end? Read more to find out :D


6. Author Note

Guys I have made up my mind, I'm not going to delete this story but I am going to rewrite it. Please be patient with me because I am also writing other stories on Quotev and I am currently in school so I won't update every day maybe once or twice a week. I hope everyone will still like this story and I hope everyone will continue following me and liking my story. If you want you can read my other stories on Quotev there is a One Direction story and a R5 story. My name is Annie Payne and my stories are called Flashback City and Here Comes Forever. Thank you everyone who is so committed to my story, hope you like the new story.
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