I Should Hate You but I Love You

Emma Marie Potter is a Potter. Draco Malfoy is a Malfoy. She hates him but loves him. He hates her but loves her. How will this turn out in the end? Read more to find out :D


3. A Date with George Weasley

Harry's POV

After we left Fred and George we walked down Diagon Alley. Hermione, Ron and me stopped at Ollivander's to look at it one more time. It was completely wrecked. When I turned around, Emma was gone. 

"Where is she?" I asked.

Ron looked at me.

"Who?" Ron asked me. 

"Emma. She's gone!" I yelled at Ron.

I was freaking out, anything could have happened to her.

Hermione whispered something in Ron's ear and then Ron walked away. 

"Where is he going?" I asked her.

"To see if she is still back at the shop." Hermione said gently to me. "We will find her Harry." We started walking and then we saw Malfoy come out of an alley way and he looked like he was crying?!? I ran up to him and pushed him against a wall. 

"Where is she?" I yelled at him. 

"Who?" He asked me sharply. 

"Emma, what did you do to her?" 

"I didn't do anything, Potter. The last time I saw her, she was back in that alley." I dropped Malfoy and ran off through the alley. I turned a corner and saw Emma laying on the ground, dripping wet. I bent down and picked her up. I walked back down the alley and saw Hermione, Ron, Fred and George at the end. Hermione screamed quietly, Ron hugged Hermione. Fred had a shocked look on his face and George ran to me and looked down at Emma. I can't remember anything after that but I know I got Emma back to the Burrow safely. 

Emma's POV 

I woke up on the couch at the Burrow. I sat up and saw Ginny sitting next to me. 

"Ginny?" She looked up at me and smiled. 

"You're awake!" She came over and hugged me. I looked over her shoulder and saw Harry was standing at the doorway looking at me. 

"Hi Harry." Ginny let go of me and she stood up and left us two alone. 

"What happened Emma?" He said as he walked over to me. He sat down on the couch and looked at me through his glasses. 

"Well, I saw Malfoy walking down an alley so I followed him. He went to Borgin and Burkes. I didn't go in but I waited outside. When he walked out he looked at me and kept walking. Then I sat down and fell asleep because I was so tired," I explained to him. 

He looked at me with doubt. 

"I saw Malfoy and he looked as though he was crying. Do you know why?" He asked. 

Draco stopped crying after he left me, why did he cry again? I thought. 

"Umm, no I couldn't really see his face through the rain." He looked at me weirdly. 

"Emma, tell me the truth about what happened?"

I looked at him, I couldn't tell him the real truth I promised Draco. 

"That is the truth."

 He sighed and stood up. 

"You better get ready for your date with George." He said smiling at me.

I smiled back and stood up. I hugged Harry and then ran up the stairs to get ready. I took a shower and dressed in this...http://www.polyvore.com/date_with_george/set?id=64283131 

Once I was ready to go I walked down stairs and saw Hermione, Ginny and Harry were sitting on the couch. They all looked at me and smiled. 

"Emma, you look gorgeous, George is going to be drooling." Hermione said.

 I smiled at her. 

"You are so beautiful. George is so lucky to be going on a date with you." Ginny said.

 Harry was looking at his feet. I walked over to him and sat down next to him. 

"Harry?" I asked. 

"You look beautiful, Emma." He looked up at me with tears in his eyes. 

"What's wrong, Harry?" I asked him. 

"Nothing, I'm happy for you, really." He said and then he hugged me. Then we heard a knock on the door. This is it, I'm going on my date with George Weasley. Ginny opened the door and George was standing there in a suit smiling. I walked over to the door and stood infront of George. 

"Hi Georgey." His jaw dropped so far. I pushed his jaw back up gently. 

"Close your mouth sweetie, you'll catch flies." I said giggling. He started blushing and then he hugged me. I hugged him back. 

"You look beautiful tonight, Emma." He told me. I started blushing. "Although, you always look beautiful." He said again. I turned so red I matched the colour of my dress. He started laughing. He grabbed my hand and then we apparated. I closed my eyes.

"You can open your eyes now." I heard George say. When I opened them I saw we were on a private beach and there was a table for two on the sand with dinner.

"It's a dinner for two on the beach, watching the sunset." George said. I couldn't say anything it was so beautiful. I just hugged him.

"It's beautiful, George." I said in his ear. I grabbed his hand and we walked over to the table. He pulled out my chair for me and then he walked over to his spot. I looked at my plate and saw fish and chips. I smiled and started eating. During dinner we just talked about anything really. Once dinner was finished we walked down the beach and sat down at the edge of the water. I took my shoes off.

"George this is the best date ever!" I said smiling. He smiled and then the sun started going down. I leaned on George's shoulder and he put his arm around me. We just sat there until the sun was gone. Then I stood up and put my hand out.

"What?" He asked.

"Come into the water, please." He smiled and picked me up. I started screaming and then once we were in the water he dropped me. The water was freezing. 

"You are so dead!" I said. He started laughing and then ran off in the water. I chased him. Then I fell over. When I got back on my feet I couldn't see George. I looked all around and I still couldn't see him. Then someone grabbed my shoulders and spun me around. The next thing I know someone's lips are on mine. I kissed them back even though I don't know who they are. Then we pulled apart and I saw George was smiling down at me. 

"I wish I could do that every day." He said. Then he got down on his knees. 

"Emma, will you be my girlfriend?" He asked me. I was so shocked. Then I smiled and jumped into his arms and kissed him again. When we pulled apart I looked at him. 

"Does that answer your question?" I asked him. He smiled and then kissed me again. His lips are so warm and full of love. Now I am proud to say I am George Weasley's girlfriend. 

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