Lost and found

Ashely is only 12 but she has been through hell. Her dad abuses her and her mother is dead. She finds help from an unexpected celebrity. But is she safe yet?


6. What did I miss?

Ashely's POV
I woke up in a hospital room I tryed to get up but I had a monster cast on my leg. I looked around I saw the nurse talking to Anna.
Just then Anna and the boys walked in.
"ASHELY!!!" they all yelled and ran to me. Each of them hugged me.
" hi guys" I said
" Well Ashely I have good news.. We told the police about your father and they arrested him, and we are going to to court so we can get custedie of you and you can live with us."
A huge smile came across my face...
" When is the date?" I asked
"umm tomorrow" Anna said
" But, I'm still going to be in the hospital." I said
" I will stay here with you.." Niall said.
I smiled then fell asleep to the boys singing.

Niall's POV
Me and the lads started singing " it's gotta be you" when we finishe Ashely was asleep. I looked at the boys and said " I know we only met her today she feels like my little sister." all the lads agreed.
She was just so pretty she had brown curly hair that fell over her shoulder and she had blue eyes.
Honestly she looked kind of like me but with brown hair. I thought of me an her while I'm taking care of her like my own sister then I fell asleep.
I woke up at 2am from Ashely screaming her head off.
"Ashely calm down its ok." I said.
" I had a night made of him finding me and taking me away."
" it's ok your just tired. Go back to bed." I kissed he softly on the forehead and hummed " it's a small world" to her till she fell asleep then I fell back asleep.
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