Lost and found

Ashely is only 12 but she has been through hell. Her dad abuses her and her mother is dead. She finds help from an unexpected celebrity. But is she safe yet?


7. Welcome home

Ashely's POV
I woke up again and looked at the clock. 10:30
I looked around only Harry and Niall were here asleep. I got up but forgot I had a HUGE cast on my leg so I fell.
"Ouch" I screamed. Niall and Harry both shot up.
"What? What's wrong?" Harry said running to me.
" Nothing I just fell out of the bed and, oh you know I have a HUGE cast on." I said sartcasticly.
He just grinned at me.
" What were you trying to do?" Niall asked
" Well I have to use the bathroom." I said. Harry looked away laughing and Niall was blushing.
" so can u grab my crutches for me... PLEASE I GOT TO GO." I said laughing
" ok ok then when you are done lets go get some breakfast in the lounge." Harry said.
" yes I'm st-" I cut niall off
" yes we know you are hungry." I said laughing.
When I got done we started walking down. But then I stopped.
" what's wrong?" they said at the same time( kind of scary if you ask me)
" Niall I never said thank you for saving me." I said in tears.
" and Harry I never said thank you for well helping me also." They both just hugged me. When I was done Niall said " can we please go eat I'm STARVING."
" ok ok mister anties pants." I said. Now I just hope I will stay with them forever.

Harry's POV
We have only know Ashely for about 2 days now and I feel like she's family.
I mean she sure looks ALOT like Niall. Kind of like they could be twins. ( but he's like 5 years older) any ways we were walking to the food court. We got down there and we all stopped. Screaming fans were every where.
" How do they find us?" I asked/yelled
" Well they are directioners, and they are kind of crazy." Niall said. Ashely just burst out laughing.
" What's so funny?" I asked
" Well, all these girls are screaming and cheering for you and your all like 'how did they find us' " she said laughing and trying to mimick me.
But then a fan scream something to Ashely.
" Niall should of left you there to die. You don't derserve to be with them."
Ashely just stood there in tears. Niall was hugging her, I looked at that girl and said
" Well you sure don't, we saved her she's our family now so shut up." the fan started crying and I didn't care. Ashely is family and I ment every word I said.
" Thank you Harry." I heard Ashely say quietly. All I could do was give her the biggest hug in the world and smile.

Niall's POV
Wow I have never seen Harry snap like that. I guesse he really does care about Ashely just like I do. We walked back up to the room and just sat there. Harry was calling Louie to see if he could bring us some breakfast/lunch.
"Niall?" Ashely asked
" Why did you save me?" she asked in tears.
" Ashely don't talk like that. I saved you because I'm a good person and I would never just let you die." I said in a soft voice. She was just bawling now. She had no idea of how much I care about her. I swear we r related in some way.It's like when I look at her I see a girl version of me... Scary.
(sorry kind of short)
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