Lost and found

Ashely is only 12 but she has been through hell. Her dad abuses her and her mother is dead. She finds help from an unexpected celebrity. But is she safe yet?


5. The hospital

Louis's POV
We got Ashely to the car after convincing her she's safe. We drove her to the hospital.
" Well hello there young man." the lady said at the front desk.
" Hi, umm we need some help we think my friend might have broken her ankle" I said
" OH DEAR" yelled the lady she got up and another doctor ran out and picked up Ashely and put her on a gurrnie.
" NIALL" she yelled
" Ashely calm down they are taking you to get x-rays it's ok babe." nialls said
Niall and the doctors and Ashely all went back and went to get x-rays on ashelys ankle.

*20 min. later
(still Louis's POV)

Niall came out with tears in his eyes....
" It's alright mate she will be fine." I said
" Oh I know Lou but the doctors asked about the bruises... I told them everything and they called the police." he said calmly.
" Well why are you crying mate?" I asked
" Right when she went into the operating she yelled " he's going to find me Niall help me."
Nial was bawling now.
" Everything will be ok." I said.
"WERE IS SHE" a voice yelled.
Right then and there I knew it was her father.

Niall's POV
I spun around to see a man version of Ashely. I knew it was him.
" What do you want CREEP?" I yelled
" Oh shut up kid I don't even know you.. Now where is Ashely?" yelled Ashely's father.
"Well I know who you are.. You are Ashely's father that beat her and killed her mother." I screamed.
I saw his eyes fill up with rage. " That little bitch told you everything. I'm going to kill her."
He came running full speed at me but then the cops came and ran and takled him.
" I will find her and I will kill you both." and that I never saw him again.
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