Lost and found

Ashely is only 12 but she has been through hell. Her dad abuses her and her mother is dead. She finds help from an unexpected celebrity. But is she safe yet?


4. Meeting the boys

Niall's POV
I held out my hand for her so she would stand up. When she got up she fell again.
"What's wrong?" I asked
"I had to jump out of the window to run away for him. I lived on the 2nd floor" she said.
" Oh my god. I think you might have broke it. Here come on." I picked her up she was so light like a baby. I started walking and she fell asleep almost right away.

I walked in the door and everybody was looking at me.
"Oh my god Niall who is that?" asked Louis
" A 14 year old girl who was at the park... She wasn't breathing so I shook her and she woke up. We talked and she said her after killed her mother and that he beats her." I was in tears now so were the boys.
"I said I would bring her back here with me. She stood up but collapsed. I think she broke her ankle." I said quietly. Then Anna (Harry's mom) walked in with tears in her eyes.
" I heard everything go put her on the couch"
"What's her name?" Zayn asked
" Ashely." I said.
Just then her eyes shot open with fear.

Ashely's POV
I fell asleep. When I woke up I was in some strange house I saw Niall and some other boys I had no idea who they were. I started to back away scared of what might happen.
" We won't hurt you love" said the one with CRAZY curly hair.
" W-who are you guys?" I asked in a shakey voice.
" I'm Liam Payne" " I'm Harry Styles" "I'm the one and only Loius Tomlinson" I giggled he said it in a funny voice. " And last but not least I'm Zayn Malik"
" Well hi I'm Ashely" I said shyly. They all said hi. Then a older woman walked in and smiled.
" I'm Anna. Harry's mother." I smiled
" Well love you are safe with us. Niall told us. Oh and not to forget we need to get you to the hospital for that ankle." said Louis. I finally felt safe but man oh man was I wrong.
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