Lost and found

Ashely is only 12 but she has been through hell. Her dad abuses her and her mother is dead. She finds help from an unexpected celebrity. But is she safe yet?


8. It's official!!!!!

Ashely's POV
Finally after like an hour Louis showed up with some food. I swear when Louis walked in he almost got takled by Niall and Harry.
" Typical boys you are." Liam said.
" oh shut it daddy d." Harry said laughing.
" Why did you say daddy d?" I asked
" We call Liam daddy d. meaning he's daddy direction. He always tells us what to do and were to go... Just like a dad." Zayn said. I just stared at him, that was the most I have heard him talk like ever.
"Why are you staring at Zayn?" Niall asked curiously.
"I have never heard him talk so much."
"Yeah I get that alot, honestly I do talk alot but around these 4 lads I seem very quite."
"True,True, so when will Anna be back?" I asked
"Oh, she just sent me a message saying just got done, I will tell all of you when i get back."
Harry said.
" Niall what if she doesn't get costudey? WHAT IF THEY TAKE ME AWAY? NIALL PLEASE DONT LET THEM TAKE ME..!!" I said
" please guys, pl-please"
" They won't take you away Ashely. Your safe with us." Niall said. All the boys nodded there head in agree ment and they all came and have me a big hug.
Just then Anna walked in with tears in her eyes.

Harry's POV
We all just gave Ashely a big hug when my mum walked in. And she was crying... I hope they are tears of joy.
" Well what is the news?" Niall asked.She just smiled.
" Welcome to the family!!" mum said happily.
"I'm free!!! I don't have to go back to him!!" Ashely said screaming
" THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK U TIMES A MILLION !!" she said jumping up an down.
" Are you serious mum?" I asked
" Why would I lie about that?" my mum asked..
"Well no... Oh my god this is amazing!!" I said
" it's official Ashely you are family!" Niall said happily
(sorry short again)
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