Lost and found

Ashely is only 12 but she has been through hell. Her dad abuses her and her mother is dead. She finds help from an unexpected celebrity. But is she safe yet?


1. HELP!!!!

Ashely's POV
" ASHELY!!! Get your ass down here right now!" He sounded mad. Well worse than usual, oh god what did I do?
"Yes Tom?"
" TOM? Why the hell are you calling me Tom? I'm your father you here me you little brat."
He was drunk again, really no surprise knowing my "dad"
I just looked at the ground. I knew what was coming...3...2...1..
He hit me right on the cheek. I started crying. He wasn't always like this, he used to be so nice and clam. It all started about 4 years ago when I was about 10 years old. My mother never worked late so Tom knew something was up. He went looking for her and found her cheating on him. That was the night he killed her. He just got so angry, I never saw him like this. He just kept punching her then he grabbed the lamp that was on the table and smashed it on her head. Then she just stopped moving. He saw me and he said I I told anybody he would kill me to.
That was the day he started beating me an tapering me tonight I was going to be hurt worse than I have ever been.
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