She's Not Afraid

Samantha writes her favorite band (and her idols), One Direction, a fan letter. She figures noones will even read it, but it feels good to finally tells someone what shes feeling. When she gets a letter back, she expects it to be the boys signatures. Just the same as every other fan gets. But what happens when the boys actually read her letter? Will she meet her idols? Will one of them start to fall? Maybe more than one... Read to find out ;)


14. What Just Happened?

Sams POV.

        Those words. Oh my gosh. Why cant every boy be this sweet! i know he was an ass before but, after that, how can i be mad. my thoughts were interrupted when i felt someones lips on mine. It felt like fireworks had just gone off inside me. I kissed back. Not by will, but by force. My mind and heart told me this was right. I've never felt this way before. After about a minute, we pulled away. 

        "Honestly, i was surprised you kissed back" Louis laughed. 

        "Well, im glad i did. Best. First kiss. Ever!" I said, maybe a little to enthuseastic. 

        "Wait," Louis said, sitting up a little straighter, "That was your first kiss?"

        I turned to look at him. "Yah, why" I asked

        "Well, I was figuring a pretty girl like you would of had a kiss before!" He laughed looking me straight into the eyes.

        "Thanks, but actually I've never even had a boyfriend." I said embarrassed.

        "Well then, I promise to be the best first boyfriend ever!" He said as he got up.

         "Wait," I said as he helped me up. "Are you making it official?"

       "Only if you want to!" He replyed, waiting for my answer.

        All i did was smirk and walk away. I heard him calling me name, but i just walked inside to find the boys watching tv. I went into the kitchen. A minuter later, i heard Lou come in.

        "Hey guys, weres Sam?" He asked. Oh goodness, this should be fun. I grabbed a bag of flour and hid behind the counter.

         "Kitchen!" they all yelled. I heard footsteps and the door opened. 

       "Sam?" Lou asked. Well, here i go. I popped up, flour in hand, and blew some powder onto his gergous face. Yep. I said gergous. Did you guys forget i was a Directioner!? 

         "On no you didnt!" He said, getting some milk and pouring it onto me. From there, it progressed into a full blown food fight. Basaclly, it looked as though a cake threw up on us. Fun times.

         "Hey Niall," I said peeking me head out of the door. "Do you guys have a towel I could use?" 

         "Yah what fo OhMy God sam! What happened?" Niall asked when he saw me.

           Lou popped out above me, like how they do in scooby doo, and said

          "Make that two towels please!" We both started laughing.

         "So, I see you guys made up?" Liam said. 

          "I guess you could say that." I laughed.

           "So, you never answered, do you want to be official?" Lou wispered.

         I giggled. "Only if you want to."

             "Hmm.. No!" I knew he was joking, but i decided to have a little fun. 

            "Fine then." I said while cleaning myself off.

             I walked out of the kitchen. "Hey Harry do you wanna go o-" I was cut off by a hand being placed over my mouth.

              "excuse me one second."I heard Lou say as he picked me up and carried me to the other room. 

              He kept his hand over my mouth while he said, "Sam, i was kidding! Of course i want to be official! How could yo uever think i do- Ew! did you just lick me!?" He said. Yes. I did lick him. I was tired of his hand on my mouth.

                "Sorry babe!" I said and planted a quick little kiss on his lips.

               I ran out of the kitchen and saw all the other boys going up stairs to bed. After they showed me my room and all their rooms, i got dressed into my Pjs and tried to go to sleep. See the word "tried"? Yah, I was having bad dream. I dreamed that Jeff came to get me, and he beat up the boys, but he killed Louis. I woke up sweaty and scared. Good thing I knew were Lou's bed room was! I got up and walked down the hall to his room. To my delight, he was awake. 

            "Lou," I said with a sad puppy dog face. "Can i sleep with you? I had bad dreams about Jeff and you boys."

             "Of corse babe,  of corse." he said and scooted over in bed. I got in and huddled up into his chest.

            "Night Lou." 

            "Night Sam."

          He turned off the lights and i felt his protective grip around my body. I just want to stay like this forever.

            AN: Hey guys. So next chapter is going to be a Harry's POV about this whole situation, considering hes in love with Sam! Uhoh! read more to find out!

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