She's Not Afraid

Samantha writes her favorite band (and her idols), One Direction, a fan letter. She figures noones will even read it, but it feels good to finally tells someone what shes feeling. When she gets a letter back, she expects it to be the boys signatures. Just the same as every other fan gets. But what happens when the boys actually read her letter? Will she meet her idols? Will one of them start to fall? Maybe more than one... Read to find out ;)


10. My First Day

                     I awkwardly climbed into the car, and sat as far away from everyone else that i could. I was SO scared. I looked up when i heard someone cough. When my head made its way up, I was met with five sets of questioning eyes.

                   "Hi.."I said and awkwardly waved.

                  Everyone said hi and we all introduced ourselfs, and then they carried on with their convorsation from before. I looked back down and started playing with my thumbs. I hope they like me. I thought to myself.

                  "So, Samantha, tell me about yourself." I heard. I looked up and was met with the most  beautiful green eyes I have ever seen.

                 "Um.. well.. my names Samantha, but ou can call me Sam. When i was young my parents got divorced, and i moved in with my Mom. She has a boyfriend named Jeff and, well, we dont really get along to well.." I got kinda quiet in the last part.

                 "Yah," Harry replied, "That was all in your letter. Tell me somthing that we dont know about you." He chuckled lightly.

               "Do you guys actually read all the letters?" I looked right in his eyes as he smiled.

                "Well, we normally just skim them for names and such, but when my eye got caught on your story, I just had to read the whole thing!" He said smiling thr whole time, like he did the best thing in the whole world.

                So they only reason im here is because they feel bad about my story. I knew it. Oh gosh, Im so stupid! I should of known that that is the only reason for this!

               "Oh.." I said and turned around. I guess he could tell I was sad because he tilted my head away from the window and said,

              "Hey, you okay?" He said. His eyes looked genuilly concerned. I guess he really DOES care.

              I laughed at myself. "Yah," I replied still laughing, "Im fine." I smiled.

             "Hey, you still never told me somthing I dont know!" I laughed.

             "Ok then."



Harrys POV.

                 When she smiled it just made me smile. She was even more beautiful in person. She started telling me about her life, smiling the whole time. She told me how she does artwork and how she LOVES One Diretion. She also told me how happy she was when she read our letter.

                "I was so happy when  I read it, expecially when you called me pretty. Even if you didnt mean it." SHe quickly covered her mouth after saying that last part. "Shit, i didnt mean to say that." She mumbled.

               I was hurt. She didnt think I ment it? Does she not know she's the most beautiful girl I have ever seen?!

             "Samantha," I said, looking her in the eyes, "I know I have only know you for the," I paused and looked at my watch, "hour we have been in this car.."This made her laugh,. "But you are the most beautiful girl I have evr layed eyes on. Im so happy that mabagment gave into my begging for you to come here. Your so sweet and have so much about you that Im glad you shared with me today. I cant wait to get to know you better." I quietly whispered into her ear, and kissed her cheek at the last part.

             I looked at her and she was bluching.

           "Thanks" She replied with a goofy smile. I think Im falling for Sam, falling hard.


Zayns POV.

           I looked at her the whole ride. She was talking to Harry. She was pretty hot. Capital H. Maybe i'll have a little fun with her when she's here for a month. I mean, Perrie did just break up with me. Maybe this will make her jelious! Yah, then ill get her back. Ok, ill just kiss Sam infront of Perrie at a bar or somthing, and then she will come crawlign back.

           I just hope she doesnt get to hurt...

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