She's Not Afraid

Samantha writes her favorite band (and her idols), One Direction, a fan letter. She figures noones will even read it, but it feels good to finally tells someone what shes feeling. When she gets a letter back, she expects it to be the boys signatures. Just the same as every other fan gets. But what happens when the boys actually read her letter? Will she meet her idols? Will one of them start to fall? Maybe more than one... Read to find out ;)


3. My Art

              When i got to the post office, the man looked at me funny for putting One Directions studio adress on a pink onvelope. It could of been that, or the fact that i forgot to cover all the bruses and scratches on my face..

                On the way back, i passed a art shop. I decided to go in and buy some paints. It felt nice knowing that ill have something that makes me so happy.

             When i got through my front door, i saw my mom and her boyfriend making out on the couch. Lovely. I shut the door, hoping she wouldnt notice. She did.

             "And where were YOU young lady?!" She half yelled half slurred. She was drunk. As usual.

             "Maybe if you weren't out having sex and drinking you would of known.." i whispered under my breath.

              "What was that?!" She yelled/asked.

             "Hun," her boyfriend, Jeff, said "Dont even waste your breath. She was probablly out being the slutty little prostotute she usually is. That is, if anyone is stupid enogh to buy her." My  mother and him laughed at their littler drunk joke.

              "Whatever.." I said as i stared to walk off to my room when i suddently felt a force pushing me up against the wall.

              "What did you say?" Jeff hissed.

              "Nothing.. Im sorry!" I cried as he tugged my hair, forcing my head to the wall.

              He pushed me to the ground and kicked my stomach several times. He grabbed my hair and pulled me back up and punched me a couple of times.

                "That's what I thought.." he said as he dropped my limp boyd onto the floor.

                 I crawled off to my room, checking to make sure none of the paints spilled. Thank god that none did.

            I got out in my headphones and listened to one of the only things that makes me happy. One Direction. And then did one of my favorite things. I painted. For the first time since my mom burned my paintings. I painted all those emotions that were built up inside me. I painted hand to symbolize abuse. I also painted a bottle for alchohol. I painted hate, and beauty, and monster. When i stepped back to see my work, what i saw brought tears to my eyes.

            All those things i mentioned where there, but in the center of all the bad, was that happy little family i drew back when i was 13. No matter what happened, no matter how much bad happened, they were there for eachother. They loved and care for eachother, no matter what. Thats what i needed most. A family.

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