She's Not Afraid

Samantha writes her favorite band (and her idols), One Direction, a fan letter. She figures noones will even read it, but it feels good to finally tells someone what shes feeling. When she gets a letter back, she expects it to be the boys signatures. Just the same as every other fan gets. But what happens when the boys actually read her letter? Will she meet her idols? Will one of them start to fall? Maybe more than one... Read to find out ;)


5. Fan Mail

Harry's POV.

         Today was our first day of vacation in London. We had just finished up our tour, and were now on break. But it was also the day that we had to do fan mail. Normally, the boys and i just skim through the letters to find the peoples names, then we sign a paper and send it to them. Managment says that if we sign each one personally instead of copying 20000 of our signatures it will make the fans feel more special. Wouldn't want our fans to feel bad, i guess. I mean, they are the reason that we are where we are today.

        After reading a couple, i got a bright pink envelope. Must be from one of our younger Directioners.   I see the name on the back. Samantha Riley. Hmm..  Oh well. I open up and start skimming through, when a line of the letter catches me eye. She is 17 now and... she tried to kill herself when she was 14?  Now i HAVE to read the whole letter... Oh gosh..

         After reading the letter, I was almost  in tears. I guess it was noticeable 'cuz the boys noticed. 

        "Mate, whats wrong?" Niall asked.

         "Hazza?! Are you CRYING!? No! Babe, whats wrong?"Louis yelled as he ran over all over dramatic, like how they do and movies, and hugged me.  Oh Louis, able to make me laugh when I need it most. 

          "I'm fine, guys. It's just this letter. This poor girl. She gets severely bullied and tried to kill herself when she was 14, but had stayed strong since. She's seventeen right now, and barely has a family.." I say, "And only one friend, but she's away.." I add.

         "Hey, guys!" Zayn yells. We all run over to see what he had to show us.

        When we got there, I saw Zayn holding a picture of the most beautiful girl in the world. She had curly brown hair that seemed to go down to the middle of her chest. She had the most beautiful green eyes i have ever seen, surrounded by long, thick, beautiful eyelashes. Inbetween them was a cute, perfect little nose. With the most kissable lips underneath. 

         "Who's that?" I asked Zayn. I had to find out who this girl was and see her.

         "It came out of that envelope, mate." Zayn pointed to the pink envelope I threw onto the floor after taking out Sam's letter. 

           That's perfect! It was obvious that she needed someone t be there for her, and she was a fan of One Direction. AND she's pretty! Ok, I have to write this girl back, and get her number, adress, SOMETHING. I've never felt this way about anyone before, expecially when I only know her through a one page letter. Guess i just have to go with my gut on this on. Samantha, here i come.





Zayns POV.


          I was on my way to the wash room when i saw a little pocket sized picture on the ground. I picked it up and saw the most beautiful girl on the other side. With chocolate curls ang bright green eyes, no one could be better. But when i called the boys over to look, i realized that this was the girl that Harry was talking about in the letter. And the girl Harry fancies... Well, i cant fight with my best friend over a girl. Plas before gals. I laughed at my little joke. Yah, I'm weird. Plus, theres plenty of girls out there, and this one is not so special... i hope...

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