She's Not Afraid

Samantha writes her favorite band (and her idols), One Direction, a fan letter. She figures noones will even read it, but it feels good to finally tells someone what shes feeling. When she gets a letter back, she expects it to be the boys signatures. Just the same as every other fan gets. But what happens when the boys actually read her letter? Will she meet her idols? Will one of them start to fall? Maybe more than one... Read to find out ;)


11. At The House

               We got to the boys house. It was HUGE! Harry got out first and put his hand out for me to help me out. I grabbed his hand, not remembering my own injury.

                "Ouch!" I yelled and pulled my hand back. I had tears in my eyes bluring my vision, but i could still see the worry in Harry's eyes.

               "Samantha! Are you okay?" He asked with genuine concern.

              "Yah. Sorry for the scare. It's just.. well.." I wasent sure if i should tell him the whole story. 

                "Sam, what is it! You know you can trust me. With ANYTHING. You do trust me, right?" He said, looking me straight into my eyes.

                I know it sounds crazy, considering I just met him, but i DO trust him. With anything. I know what they say. Dont trust people you dont know. But i feel like I've known Harry all my lfie. I know. Sounds stupid. But whos here to judge, im mean really?!

              "Yes! Of corse I trust you!" I practiclly yelled

              "Well then, whats wrong?" He quietly asked.'

               "Harry, before I cam here, when i was telling my Mom and Jeff I was leaving, Jeff beat me. And i think he broke my wrist. But its ok! I put a wrap and stuff on it so theirs no need to get doctors involved." I said giving a weak smile at the end.

             "Samantha, its broken! We NEED to go to the doctors." He said. I knew i couldnt say no to him. So now I have an appoitment on Tuesday. I lived so far with it, I can live three more days.

              After that incident, we walked inside to find all the boys watching TV in the front room. I was hungry, so Harry told me there were sandwiches in the kitchen. COmpletely forgetting about my injury, again, and tried to open the door. I screamed in pain and all the boys ran over. Except Louis. He just kept watching TV. Wow, thanks.

             "Oh my god! Sam, are you ok?!" Niall yelled.

            "Yah, Ohmy god! Are you okay?" Liam and Zayn both yelled. Louis still sat on the couch.

             "Yah guys. Im fine. I just think I broke my wrist before I came here. But dont worrie, Harry got me a Doctors appointment on tuesday!" I laughed at the worrie-ness.

            I heared a laugh from the couch and looked over to see Louis smirking, still sitting on the couch. Like seriously! Whats wrong with you! A girl in your house is screaming, dont you go and help her!? ug...boys....

             "Yes?" I asked. Why was he laughing? What did I do that was funny?

             "You THINK you have a broken wrist? What you do? Hurt yourself while you and Harry were "talking" outside." He was the only one laughing at his "joke".

             "Umm.. Actually i got it when i was being beaten by Jeff.." I embarresingly mumbled.

            "And who's Jeff.YOur boyfriend. Nice one you got there." He, yet again, was the only one laughing.

             "Actually," I said a little louder and stood up[ from my seat on the ground, "It's my moms abusive boyfriend who beats me daily and my Mother after making her do drugs and practiclly rapeing her AND me!" I was yelling at the last part. I had tears in my eyes.  I never told anyone that he raped me.. but yes, tis sadely true. 

             "Im sorry.." He mumbled.

           I couldnt take this. To much for one day. I ran into the kitchen and hid behind the counter, crying. I heard the door open and figuring it's harry, I said,

             "Harry, I dont want to talk right now. Please, go away." I yelled tears running down my face.

             "It's not Harry."

            "Go away Louis. I REALLY dont feel like talking to YOU rite now."


Louis POV


         Wow. That hurt. But i deserve it. Really, I was just jelious. It was obvious Harry liked her and she liked Harry. I had just broken up with Elounor becasue I wasent feeling the sparks anymore, and then this girl comes along who i feel sparks with even if i just shook her hand! I know, its not her fault that she beautiful, but its just hard. To beautiful for one person to handle! This thought made me chuckle to myself. I guess it was a bit to loud, because Sam looked up and said,

         "Please, what about my terrible life is funny now?!" She said through her tears.

         "You dont get it, do you?" I said and sat down. She looked confused.

        "Sam, yo are the most beauftiful girl I have ever seen. As soon as you shook my hand in the car, I felt immedient sparks. When i saw you huddled in the corner of the car, I just wanted to go over and hug you and kiss you and tell you its ok.  I didnt feel sparks with elounor anymore. Thats why we broke up. But when i felt them with you, Oh god, I just got so excited. Not only are you beautiful, but i also felt sparks. Im just so happy that your here now." I said. Wow. Didnt know i had that in me! I looked up to her and met her shimmering green eyes. Then I did somthing I normally woudlnt do. I kissed her.

         But what surprised me, was the fact that she kissed back.

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