Dear Diary,

Diary Entries about how life is good and bad


5. Entry #5

Dear Diary,

             Well this isthe last page in my diary! But i am getting a new one soon, so i am making this a short little entry and i will wrire more after i get a new Diary and i just remembered asong i know it is old but hey, who cares!

  Here are the Lyrics.....

      I read your diary and it said
That you weren't in love with me
And your leavin'.
And I wish that i didn't see
that you fell in love with him
Him, him

I-I I read your diary.

I saw a book with lock and key right next
to your name.
I-I-I couldn't help myself cause things

          Well thats all the lyrics i know but whatevs ok when you turn the page it has all my favorite songs!!

                                    READ DEAR DIARY, 2

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