Dear Diary,

Diary Entries about how life is good and bad


4. Entry #4

Dear Diary,

             Well today was a really bad day! i had a bad hair day!!!

I had to wear dirty clothes today because i had no clean days and i cant find my D-O for my B-O ( deoterant for my body) but anyways and my perfume spilled in my purse and i just had a really BAD day at school! So Devon was right there when i walked in the school and he just kind of looked at me like i was a total weirdo!! He stood there in front of me and stared at me for like 2 minuets and walked away very slowley!! Then all of a sudden " Excuse the interuption can i please see miss Phillips with he adgenda? ASAP!" So i walked downthere and the pricable called me for how i look and how i smell but nothing about the hair. I think she was too focused on my clothes and smell than how my hair loojs!! Hey, thats one less thing you got to get in trouble for ! Then she called my mom and my mom came down here and she spoke with the princable. Thats always bad! SO  they sent me home and my mom cleaned me up and she washed my clothes and i took a shower and i re-did my hair so thats a good thing!

                                                           Not so good now,

                                                                               KaliRain Phillips

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