Dear Diary,

Diary Entries about how life is good and bad


3. Entry #3

Dear Diary,

           So i found out that my best friend ever is going out with Devon Hicks!! I am so mad at her right now i feel like sobbing! i cant belive she would do that to me. So this is what happened, i was at my locker, and Devon came up to my locker (my best friend's locker is by mine)  and i said "hey Devon!" and hey said "hey". Then he looked at my friend and said" I cant belive i am saying this but Will you go out with me?". And thats when my love life came crashing down!!! Then she said "Sure i guess?" and he walked away and said "Score!". I went into the girls bathroom and cried my eyes out! When i came out my eyes wre beat red. Everyone was like "Whats wrong Kali?". I said "Nothing."

Hopefully they break up soon :(


                                                                      KaliRain Phillips

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