Dear Diary,

Diary Entries about how life is good and bad


1. Entry #1

Dear Diary,

      Today at school was embarrasing i dropped my crayon box in front of a cute boy i like! He helped me pick it up though so i guess thats sweet but still that was so embarrasing. His name is Devon Hicks even his name is so cute!! So this is what happened i was getting out of class because the bell rang, and i was going to be late so i tried to run down the stairs but instead i dropped my crayon box! Everything fell out, all my colored pencils rolled down the stairs. So i was on my way and i went to pick them up and he bent down to help me!!! He also said "nice shirt" and i said thank you and after he left i turned around and said bonus. Apparently i said it out loud!! The bell rang and i was late to class. What a complicating day!!!


                                                    KaliRain Phillips

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