The Hunger games

best friends fight


2. Lies!

Well since Niall has been gone Zayn has been acting weird he wouldn't talk to me wouldn't even stare at me i was wondering what was going on i thought it was about Niall's grandmother but it wasn't he never talked to Niall anymore something fishy was going on? i wondered what it was she was worried she tried to talk he would'nt answer as a week past bye she called Niall he said he didn't know she asked a few friends at school they said they didn't know he wasn't talking to anyone or even watching the Basketball game i asked another friend SHE NEW she said "his dad died and hes having a hard time" i went up to him and asked him if that was true e said "yes" but something else was up? I asked him again he yes i have a new BFF and its not you i said what since when are you being so mean he said "your no fun everything we do repeats when we are together" i said "Okay, who's your new best friend?" he said "it was Andrea" i new Andrea but shes no fun why would he do that? i walked home alone and when i got up to my room i just cried my eyes out saying im no good anymore my mom came up and said "whats wrong" i said "nothing just a bad day...."  the day after i saw Zayn hanging out with Andrea again! I felt so jealous i had no friends...

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