The Hunger games

best friends fight


1. happy times

well, me and Zayn have been best friends for awhile we hang out we chill at the basket ball court on weekends we hang out alot with other friends so i was walking to school with him when he waved to all of his friends blah blah right the bell rang we where late we rushed to class teacher said 2 more times you come late you get a detention so we didn't  ever  do it again well the same thing repeated hanging with friend blah blah blah....... It was FRIDAY finally every Friday after school they watched a basket ball game at the school there school team usually won
zayn said lets go hang out by friends place after the game i said yes we walked and walked till we got there it was his friend "Niall" they would play basket ball together to sometimes but he lives to far away he visits every month and rents out a house that's a bit farther by the house well it was strange cause they played basketball alot more i watched the team HAD WON maybe thats why he was playing basketball more often with Niall. Niall had to leave we said bye he took a plane back to Ireland they still talked and sent letters.......
Then a week after Niall's grandmother died he was in shock! Zayn wished him all the bast </3


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