Hoping For The Best

“But what if they kill you?” “They won’t,” a fake smile showed up on his face. The tears kept streaming down my cheeks; I didn’t believe him, “What if they do?” He shook his head, “I will stay alive, with you, forever.”

This is a Fantasy fanfiction, so please, understand the weird thigs that'll happen :)


2. “Fuck,”


Paula’s P.O.V.


“Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!” I heard Sophie call. My nickname was the result of her trying to say my name before learning how to talk properly, but well, who cares. Sophie ran into my bedroom and gave me a big hug. “Daddy is still at work,” she whispered. “Yeah, I know,” I said rubbing her back. She looked up at me, worried. “Sophie, he’s gonna be okay,” I smiled. She smiled back and I kissed her cheek before she ran to her room. “Honey,” I heard my mom call. She walked into my room and pecked my cheek, “Love you, don’t worry, okay?” I nodded, “Now, close the shutters, and silence.” She walked out fast and closed the door behind her. I did as she told me, and now everything was dark. I took my shoes off so I could walk more silently and tiptoed to the bed. But I couldn’t sit there. The springs would make noise, and that would be dangerous… for me, and for my family too. Instead, I sat against the wall, next to the bedside table, and closed my eyes.

I’m not sure how much time I had been sitting there, but when I opened my eyes, sunlight was no longer coming in from the shutters’ little holes. Maybe the situation wasn’t as dangerous as before. Well, actually every time they came they left in no more than four hours, so I stood up and searched for the backpack on my bed in the dark. When I found it, I slowly unzipped it and took out my journal and something to write with.

I always wrote about the Herringats; I’m not sure why. I guess I was just trying to figure everything out.

I turned to sit on the chair, but I ended up running into it. “Fuck,” I mumbled, then covered my mouth. I had fallen to the floor. Now there was absolutely no way me or my family would be safe.

But everything remained silent. I was expecting somebody to come, slit my throat and take me away, but nothing happened. I sighed in relief and attempted to stand up… then something stopped me.

My hands were bleeding.

I closed them to see if it was my imagination, but I felt the warm blood dripping between my fingers. “Hello, sweetie,” a deep voice whispered into my ear. I clenched my fists harder, pressing my nails into the deep cuts. My head started aching. I saw the man’s face as he laughed, then my head hit the floor and nothing made sense anymore.

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