Hoping For The Best

“But what if they kill you?” “They won’t,” a fake smile showed up on his face. The tears kept streaming down my cheeks; I didn’t believe him, “What if they do?” He shook his head, “I will stay alive, with you, forever.”

This is a Fantasy fanfiction, so please, understand the weird thigs that'll happen :)


1. The Herringats


Paw walked into her room and shut the door. She dropped her deep-green backpack on the bed and walked to the bathroom. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and tried to smile. She grabbed her comb, undid he ponytail with the other hand, and pulled her hair up to make a new one. Then she brushed her teeth and washed her hands, trying to get distracted. She was worried, but just wouldn’t admit it to herself.

Today everyone was told to go home earlier, but they weren’t told exactly why. But Paw knew why. The Herringats were coming. She had heard a lot about them since she was a baby, when she first saw them.


The Herringats had been terrifying the cities around them for the last hundred years. Paw wasn’t sure why they had named themselves like that, but apart from that, she knew everything about that people. Actually, she knew much more than what she was supposed to. And that wasn’t good. Imagine trying to sleep while knowing some devil-worshipping person could appear in your room at any moment, take you away from home and then have fun torturing you. Herringats had no mercy. Once they had taken you, you would hardly ever escape.


There was only one person that had escaped from the Herringats: Jason Fommaneci.

He had been kidnapped when he was eight years old. Nobody hoped for him to come back, but one day, after eighteen years, he was found by a shepherd in the middle of an open field, weeping. Jason couldn’t move his left arm; he couldn’t talk, because the Herringats had cut his tongue; he was completely damaged from the inside. He had deep cuts on his organs, but his skin was perfectly smooth. His eyes were red and swollen, and he wouldn’t stop shaking and couching blood. The shepherd immediately took him to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with psychological and physical trauma, and he had just some hours of life left. He had taken a pencil from one of the nurses and desperately started scribbling something on the bedside table. He wrote about what they’d done to him, but only a few words. “They enjoy your pain,” the last sentence read. He had then started to groan and scream; there was something pounding violently in his chest. And, suddenly, his heart… His heart exploded. A Herringat had done that.


And… why did Paw know so much about this? The only things most people her age in Arcanecurt knew about the Herringats were that they were dangerous and if they were coming you should pretend you didn’t exist. But Paw wouldn’t just hide because she was told to. There was something more the adults tried to hide from them, but she had discovered it. And now she was scared to death, but at least she was aware of everything that would happen when they came.

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