Lost In Paradise

Amanda's dad had got a new job. This job wasn't very usual for must jobs. His job was as One Directions tour manager. She has heard of them but never paid attention. She ends up falling head over heels for all of them who will compete for her love. She and her best friend Hailey goes on tour with them and ends up becoming famous in the process.


7. Wake Up!

I released from the hug and went to hug the others. Simon came in and said "You can go on tour with the boys but you need an album and to have interviews." Hailey and Me squealed again. "Just be here by 11 tomorrow" Simon walked out and we followed. We went to the car and we realized we still had time to hit the beach.  We got home by 5:15 and it doesn't get dark till 8 so we all decided to go to the beach as soon as we changed. We went home and Hailey and i ran to my room. Realizing that i gave my other bathing suit to Hailey we would have to wear the same ones from yesterday. Instead of a shirt i just put on some short's and flip flops Hailey did the same. We ran outside and the boys were already there. We had fun till about 6:30 when a bunch of fans came running after us. We ran out the water grabbed our stuff and then  ran to the house. When we got in the house we locked the door after us and we basically fell on the floor couch. "I never ran so hard in my life" I said out of breath. "Me- Neither-" Hailey sounded more outta breath more than i was. When we caught our breathe we all took showers. I wore a Magenta and Black tank top with matching bottoms with a bow on the front. I said my good nights and went to bed. The next morning i woke up and it was 9:30 i was the only one up. I remembered Simon saying be there by 11. So i rushed upstairs to wake the guys up. I knocked on all their doors yelling "WAKE UP!!! WE ONLY HAVE AN HOUR AND 30 MINUTES WAKE UP!" No one came out their room. i started to knock and kick doors and then opening them and yelled "WAKE UP!" I ran to their beds and jumped on them "WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP!!!!!!!" I  shouted. Soon after that they woke up they only had enough time to take a 30 second shower and throw on something random and eat a bowl of cereal in under 2 minutes. I was already dressed and ready to go! I had to wait for them and then we were off.

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