Lost In Paradise

Amanda's dad had got a new job. This job wasn't very usual for must jobs. His job was as One Directions tour manager. She has heard of them but never paid attention. She ends up falling head over heels for all of them who will compete for her love. She and her best friend Hailey goes on tour with them and ends up becoming famous in the process.


21. She Will Be Mine *Message*

~Harry's POV~

Tears keep running down my face as we wait for Hailey or Amanda to wake up. My eyes are red and swollen. I look at the time it's 3 in the morning. Everyone is sleep. Louis was holding Amanda's hand. "Why.. why us" I whisper tears coming down even faster. I rock back and forth praying they will be okay. I fall asleep and wake up to a IV scan beating. Hailey and Amanda's heartbeats were steady. I was smiling and pushing my hair back in relief i wake the guys to tell them. Louis goes straight to Amanda. I go to get a doctor. I come back with atleast 3 doctors.  They tell us to leave the room to see if they would wake. We wait about 15 minutes. Then the doctor signals us to come back in. "They will be find as long as you treat them as directed. He hands us bandages and pills. "Give the pills to them every 5 hours. Change the bandages every day." "Okay" Louis said. "We will have to keep them in for an month or two we will care for them until then" Dr. Macardi smiled signaling us to go home.

~Louis POV~

I had to leave Amanda once again. We all went to my house and moped around and turned on the news. "Yesterday 8 people brutally killed and injured due to a careless driver. The driver hit a black 2012 mustang which was attended by Amanda Smith and Hailey Pickett on the freeway causing the car to spin out of control hitting 2 other cars and crashing into a guard rail. Miranda Johnson and her 3 year old son Shane Johnson were brutally killed as the car flipped over. The other car was attended by Josh Hammer, John Spaghetti, Shawn Noodles, and Jacob Stevens. Shawn Noodles is now being treated and with temporary wombs and needs minor surgery. Jacob Stevens, John Spaghetti and Josh Hammer died in seconds as the car made contact. The police are not aware of the driver who did it and if it was and accident or target. The camera's got a picture of the car and the name tag they need your help to find them." A picture of a blue 1992 Cadillac tag number *****4. "If you have any answers to who this may be. Please call now family and friends are in a tragic moment." The room went silent while the TV played in the back ground.

~Mystery Guy~

"There on to me!"  I feel my body getting full of  anger. "I need to hide the evidence." I got an excellent idea to push it off a ledge not to far from here. I grab my keys and drives to the ledge i hop out the car while it's still moving and begin to push it. I finally make it to the end and it falls slowly and hits the ground exploding. I smirk at the thought she will be mine! I begin to walk back home. I go to my room as soon as i get home. I look at all the photo's and memories we had together. "She could of been with me!" "She's too busy shaking her slutty ass around the world getting famous off some gay fags!" I throw my lamp across the room in rage! I have to find her again. 



**A/N: Follow me on Instagram: Yeah_Im_Different123 i rarely change my stuff so you should find me easily comment if you have trouble, Kik me any ideas on the story: GottaLoveDede . I will give credit at the end of each chapter. Mystery Guy will remain a mystery until chapter 23 maybe 25. It can't be anyone in the band someone who hasn't been mentioned in the story so far ^_^ thanks hope your enjoying the story so far !!**

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