Lost In Paradise

Amanda's dad had got a new job. This job wasn't very usual for must jobs. His job was as One Directions tour manager. She has heard of them but never paid attention. She ends up falling head over heels for all of them who will compete for her love. She and her best friend Hailey goes on tour with them and ends up becoming famous in the process.


14. Secrets

"Good Morning Love!" I said smiling kissing his cheek. "What are we doing today?" I asked. He took a deep breath and said "I was thinking goin to Six Flags a-" I cut him off  "SIX  FLAGS!? I haven't been to one since i was 5!" I said with a smile. "We can leave around 2" He said looking at the clock "What time is it now?" I asked "12." "12!? I have to get ready!" I got up and ran to the kitchen and ate in under 2 minutes. I ran up the stairs and went to the bathroom. I washed my face and brushed my teeth. I took a 20 minute hot steamy shower and washed my hair. I let it air dry till i picked out my outfit. Since we were going to Six Flags I decided to go for some red skinny jeans, short sleeve button up, and some red toms. I threw the clothes on my bed and blowed dried my hair. When i was done i  put my hair in a messy bun since when we got on roller coasters it would fly everywhere! I put my clothes on and headed down stairs. When i got downstairs it was 1:45. "Ready to go?" "Yea" I said linking my arm into his. "You guys have fun now you hear?" Louis yelled "BUT NOT TO MUCH FUN!" Harry yelled as we closed the door. We got in the car and we started to talk. When we got there a lot of people were there. We went in line and waited to pay for the tickets. I was gonna pull out my wallet and then Liam pushed my hand back and payed for both of us. We walked in hand and hand. "Where do you wanna go first?" He asked. "Uhmm" I was looking around we were going to go craziest to funnest. "The Joker!" I said as i yanked him too the line. The line wasn't long but it was a 10 minute wait. We just talked about life and our future. When we stepped in the cart the person who controls the ride started to count down as the hatch went down. "5...4-" The ride sped off before he could finish. We were screaming uncontrollably. When we got off the ride Liam's phone rang. "I have to take this he said" He walked away and left me outside the ride. Since he wasn't looking i followed behind him and stood behind a cut out pointing to a ride. "Uhm, No were at Six Flags." i heard him say. "Your making me choose who would i date?" Liam said loud but wasn't screaming "Danielle I love you but your always away i need time for a girl who is here for me!" He said he loves another girl. "Your coming home?" Liam's frown turnt into a smile. When i saw that my eyes started tearing up. "Can't wait to see you! Hey gotta go she's waiting for me" Liam said hanging up the phone. I ran as quick as i could so he wouldn't have seen that i left. When he came back i wiped away my tears. "Hey i'm back" He said with a smile on his face. "I don't feel so well..." I said holding my stomach "Can we go home?" "Sure babes anything for you." He held my hand as we walked to the car. I hated the feeling he held my hand and I couldn't react since were 'together'. When we were half way home I confronted him. "Liam.." "Yes babe" He smiled but keeping his eyes on the road. "What?" His smiled disappeared. "Who's Danielle?" Saying her name made me choke "Who?" Liam knew how to act because he acted like a dumb puppy! "Don't play dumb Liam!" I raised my voice "I heard you on the phone with her!" "I.. I don't know what your talking bout" He hesitated to say. "Really Liam? Your going to lie to me again! After you said you felt sorry for me the first time you did it?! And you go behind my back and do it again!?" I was crying but they were because i was angry and sad at the same time. "Amanda.. I love you" Liam said with pleading eyes as he held my hand when we pulled in the drive-way. "Don't Amanda me!" I said pulling my hand away and getting out the car and slamming the door. I walked in the house and yelled "I HATE YOU LIAM" as i closed the door. When i looked in the living room everyone was sitting on the couch looking at me. I had tears running down my face as i ran upstairs and slammed my door. I ran to my bed and cried in my pillow. I heard a knock at the door. "WHAT!?" I yelled "It's me Hailey.... can i come in?" "Yes" I said with my head in the pillow. She came and sat by me. "Whats wrong?" She asked. "Li.. Li.. Liam cheated o-on me." I sobbed as i told her. She hugged me rubbing my back in circles. I cried on her shoulder as she hugged me. "I just don't know what i did wrong!" I said with tears still coming out my eyes. "You didn't do anything wrong" Hailey exclaimed "He's just being stupid! He doesn't see how much he hurt you from the first time and now that he has you he breaks your heart again!?" Hailey said releasing me from a hug. She walked out the room. 5 minutes later there was another knock at the door "Who is it?" I said sobbing "Louis. Can i please come in." "Yes." He walked in and sat on my bed. "What happened?" He said looking into my eyes "Liam cheated on me i looked at the ground at the sentence. "With who?" "Some chick named Danielle.." I mumbled he put his arm around me and brung me closer to him. "Danielle?" Louis questioned "They have been dating for 2 years now!" "What?!" I said. "They have been dating since  X-factor" "Then why did he ask me out?" I hugged Louis back as i laid on his shoulders. "He's stupid" Louis said wiping my tears with his thumbs. I looked into his blue eyes. When i looked i felt something that connected us. I felt him getting closer. HE WAS GOING TO KISS ME! Why me? I couldn't decide if i wanted to or not. But before i could make my mind up he had kissed me. I felt something run through my body. I never had that with Liam. The kiss lasted for a minute. When we pulled away he smiled and i couldn't help but to smile back. "Amanda... I love you!" Louis said looking into my eyes. "I always have.. But you chose Liam instead of me. I would never hurt you! If you just be mine I can fix your broken heart...." Tears escaped both our eyes. We kissed and it felt new. Like he never kissed me a minute ago. 


A/N: I don't think Liam's stupid and a cheater i just had to change the story up out of their real lives to make it more interesting and i'll try to update every day because i'm getting a lot of home work lately (which i never do till last mine DON'T FOLLOW MY FOOTSTEPS unless it's writing stories i will update shortly :D 

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