Lost In Paradise

Amanda's dad had got a new job. This job wasn't very usual for must jobs. His job was as One Directions tour manager. She has heard of them but never paid attention. She ends up falling head over heels for all of them who will compete for her love. She and her best friend Hailey goes on tour with them and ends up becoming famous in the process.


27. Meeting the Family and Contractions

~Amanda's POV~ (I'm making the girl names like the boys so sorry for the ghettoness XD)

I'm now 6 months and Louis and I decided not to find out the gender until delivery. We made up some names and agreed the girl will have my last name and the boy would have his. We also promised the guys, Hailey, Danielle, and Perrie they would be middle names. 

Boys: William Zayn Tomlinson, Jamal Harry Tomlinson, James Niall Tomlinson, Shane Liam Tomlinson, Devin Patrick Tomlinson, Shawn James Tomlinson, Derick James Tomlinson.

Girls: Jamila (Ja-mil-a) Hailey Smith, Jamie Perrie Smith, Shayla (Shay-la) Danielle Smith, Devina Patrica Smith, Shawna (Shawn-a) Jamie Smith, Darcy Jamie Smith, Zahriah (Za-rye-a) Laura Smith. 

I got up and waddle down the steps. I went to the kitchen to get some cereal. I couldn't even reach the cabinet due my stomach. I joke fully whispered "I cant wait till your out of there" Zayn came in "Need help?" he asked "Kinda" I laughed i pointed to the cereal and he extended his arm to get it. "Thank" "Welcome" he walked back out. "Zayn..." "Yes?" "Can you get me a bowl?" "Sure "Thanks again.." "No problem." I grabbed the cereal and pour it into the bowl and got the milk and poured it in with the cereal. After i finished eating i went to the living room and began to watch TV with Hailey Zayn and Liam. They were watching X-Factor. 

After it went off i went upstairs to see Louis watching TV. "What you watching" I said changing into my pajamas not paying attention to the TV. "Two and a Half men." I got into the bed and cuddled up to him.

~3 months later~

I was 2 days before my due date. I was huge! I could barely bend down. I went out to the store with Hailey and we bought some new clothes, manicures and pedicures. We went home and set our bags in our room. I walked down stairs and saw a note on the table. "Went to visit my mum she wants to meet you and Hailey also, if you get this before we get back the address is on the back xx" -BooBear. I flipped the note over and saw the address. I walked upstairs to tell Hailey.

I knocked on her door and she answered. "We have to go see Louis' mum. She wants to meet us" I said "Ok" she got her shoes and offered to drive. We got there in 10 minutes and saw the boy's car parked outside. We knocked on the door and a girl who looked about 14 with Blonde hair that stop mid back and blue eyes like Louis opened it. "Hi" I said while Hailey waved. "There in the living room" She said pointing the way. "Thank" I said and walked in. I went into the living and saw the guys sitting on the couch.

"You finally made it." Louis said getting up and kissing my cheek. I just smiled. "Mum!" Louis shouted as he went upstairs. "Hailey and Amanda are here!" A lady came down the stairs. She had brunette hair just like Louis that came mid back like the girl who answered the door and had brown-grayish eyes. "Hi i'm Jay" She said pulling me and Hailey into a hug. "Hello" We said grinning nervously.

Louis began to call 4 other names. "Charlotte, Felicite, Daisy, and Phoebe" 4 girls came running into the room. "Amanda, this is Charlotte we call her Lottie" He said pointing to the girl that answered the door. "That's Felicite we call her Fizzy" He said pointing to a brunette who hair stop mid back also! She had blue eyes like Louis and Charlotte. "This is Daisy and Phoebe" He said pointing to twins. They had blonde hair that stopped at their shoulders and had blue eyes. "This is gonna to be tricky." I chuckled "You'll get use to it" Louis said putting his arm around my waist. "Can i feel your belly? Daisy asked "Me too?" Phoebe asked. I nodded. They came over to me and felt my belly and moved their hands all around it. "What gender is it?" Charlotte asked. "I don't know we didn't want to know the Gender." I grinned. When we left i hug everyone good bye they were such nice people. 

When we got home it was 10 o'clock and i started to get sleepy. I went upstairs and stripped out of my clothes. I didn't feel like putting my own Pajama's on so i just put Louis' boxers on and a lose shirt of his on and went to sleep. 

I woke up the next morning and went to make some toast instead since it was much simpler then asking Zayn for the cereal. I spreaded Nutella on the toast as soon as it was done. When i was finished i went into the living room and saw Niall and Zayn watching TV with Liam coming down the steps. I started to feel pain i just shrugged it off and got up. They got worst as i held my stomach in pain walking over to Niall and saying "Get the k-k-keys...." I managed to say. He didn't hesitate as he got up and walked me to the car. "I knew your water broke it was wet all over the seat." He said while helping me in the car. "We'll meet you at the hospital." I heard Zayn yell out the front door before Niall shut my door.

~Zayn's POV~

I went to Louis room first. "Wake up mate!" I said shaking him. "Whyyyyy.." He slurred. "Amanda's going to the hospital with Niall she's in labor!" He shot right up after i said that and threw on some clothes. I went to Harry Liam and Hailey room saying the same thing with them having the same reaction. They all threw on any clothes that looked like they matched and ran down the stairs into the car. We got to the hospital in 10 minutes and saw Niall's car. We walked in and asked for Amanda. "Last name?" The lady asked. "Smith" I said. "Room 456 down the hall make a left on the first turn and another left on the first turn and first door on the right" She said. "Thank" I said as i signaled Hailey and the guys to come. When we found the room Niall was sitting next to Amanda holding her hand. He turned red as Amanda squeezed his hand from the pain. 

A doctor walked in. "Hello. I'm Dr. Paige." He said with a smile "Amanda is in labor but her contractions are to far apart. You are welcomed to stay and talk to her. She will have to stay an extra day or two" We all nodded as he left the room.

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