Lost In Paradise

Amanda's dad had got a new job. This job wasn't very usual for must jobs. His job was as One Directions tour manager. She has heard of them but never paid attention. She ends up falling head over heels for all of them who will compete for her love. She and her best friend Hailey goes on tour with them and ends up becoming famous in the process.


26. It's Positive

~Amanda's POV~

I woke up out of my sleep to puke. I don't think i was sick because i can't catch a cold this fast. I ran out the bathroom and got my phone and ran back in the bathroom. 

'Where are you?' 

'Hailey Bear: At the store why?' 

'Can you buy some pregnancy test? Please i'll pay you back'

'Hailey Bear: Ok'

'Thank You!'

When i was bout to put my phone away when i received another message from an unknown number saying.

'Unknown: Hey bitch! I know where you are. Watch your back I can kill you anywhere or anytime with anyone. Watch your back!'

I shivered at the fact that someone wants to kill me. A little while later Hailey came back with the test. When i ran out the bathroom Louis was already up. I ran downstairs and got the test "Thank" I ran back to the bathroom. She bought 4 test. I decided to do 2 at a time. I left the bathroom for 15 minutes and came back. They both was positive so i did the next 2 and they both came out positive. I wasn't ready for a child i'm only 18! I went to tell Louis about it. He was as happy as can be. "Why are you so happy?" I asked "I'm going to be a dad!" Louis said "Why aren't you happy?" he asked with concern in his eyes. Tears started to drip down my face. "I'm only 18 Louis. My birthday is not till atleast another 5 months. Even when i'm 19 I'm still to young." I sobbed. Louis wiped my tears away with his thumbs and grabbed me into a hug. "I love you Amanda. I always will." He kissed my forehead "Even if the baby comes i'll still be right here helping you with every step." I looked into his eyes and he was looking into mine and kissed my nose. I got up and grabbed his arm pulling him with me down the steps. Everyone was glued to the TV. I walked up to the TV and turnt it off. "Hey!" They all yelled. "Oh shush you can have your TV back in a few. We have news." I said smiling. "What kind of news?" Harry asked "Good for us! I don't know about you guys.." "What is it" Niall asked. "I..i'm pregnant..." 

The room went quiet until everyone got up and hugged Louis and I. 


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