Lost In Paradise

Amanda's dad had got a new job. This job wasn't very usual for must jobs. His job was as One Directions tour manager. She has heard of them but never paid attention. She ends up falling head over heels for all of them who will compete for her love. She and her best friend Hailey goes on tour with them and ends up becoming famous in the process.


25. I Found You

~Amanda's POV~

"Hey Amanda" they all sung happily. I walked back up the stairs and went into me and Louis' room. "Lou, wake up" I whispered while shaking him. "Wake up." I said. "Let me slee..." Louis said. "Come on" I begged "Please..." Louis opened 1 eye. "Come on Lou!" "Ok, babe i'm up!" "Yay" I said clapping my hands. "Why are you so eager for me too wake up" Louis said sitting up. "Today you said you would take me out to eat!" I said with a big smile. "Oh right!" Louis stretched "go get dress in something casual" I kissed his lips as i went in the bathroom to go wash up. I got out the shower 10 minutes later i tied my hair up and dried off as i walked out the bathroom back to the room. Realizing I still didn't have clothes. "Uh Babe? I have no clothes.." "Yes you do! They brung them yesterday" He said pointing at the suitcase over by the door. I rushed to it and put it by the bed. I pull out all my clothes and hair sprays and conditioners and accessories my jewelry and under garments. It took me 15 minutes to choose an outfit since they brung my whole closet. I finally decided on some white skinny jeans a pink tank top and some white low top converses. I unwrapped my hair and blow dried it. I brushed it all sorts of ways. I tried multiple styles until i just decided to let it fall natural. I put my outfit on and headed downstairs. I saw Louis sitting on the couch by himself waiting for me. He escorted me to the car and opened the door and closing it for me. He then went to his side and we drove off. "Where are we going?" "Nando's" He said keeping his eyes on the road. When we got their paparazzi was flashing camera's all around us. "Who's this!?" "Is she your girlfriend" "When did you guys meet!" "Are you going out" We just ignored them and walked in. "Hi Louis!" The lady said happily. "Hey Sarah!" He said giving her a hug. "Wheres Niall? Or the others?" She asked "At home." "Oh Would you like the usual seat?" "Yes, Please" Louis smiled as we followed Sarah. "Thank you" Louis said as Sarah walked away. "How many times do you guys go here!?" I asked. "Almost every week. How many times have you been here?" "Atleast twice maybe three times." We began to get to know each other better till the waitress came. "Hi i'm Bridgett I'll be you server can i start you off with drinks?" She asked "Yes, I would like sprite no ice." I said "Make that 2" Louis said smiling at me. "Ok, I'll be back in a minute" She said walking away. "Amanda I really do love you." Louis looked right into my eyes i felt a smile appear on my face. "I love you too Lou". Just then the waiter came with our drinks. "What would you like to order?" "I'll have the Flame-Grilled Butterfly Chicken Breast." I said "Ok, What will your side be?" "Mash Potatoes." "I'll have the double chicken breast burger" Louis said. "Ok that will be here in 15 minutes or less." Bridgett said. "So what are we gonna do when we get home?"   I asked. "Have a little fun" Louis winked. When our food came we ate in quietness besides the background noise. We finished in under 30 minutes and headed back home. When we got home no one was home we went straight to the room. (1 1/2 - 2 hours later).

~Next Day~

The magazines came and yes me and Louis are on the cover. 'Is this a close friend?' 'Something more than a friend' 'Louis and 'girl' caught going to Nando's together yesterday around 2 o'clock' 

~Mystery Guy POV~

"Stupid bitch!" I laughed "She just exposed herself, i hope she has my lovely message" I decided to text her again. 'Hey bitch! I know where you are. Watch your back I can kill you anywhere or anytime with anyone. Watch your back' I went into my drawer and fumbled around until i came across my derringer, i smiled at the sight of it.


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