Lost In Paradise

Amanda's dad had got a new job. This job wasn't very usual for must jobs. His job was as One Directions tour manager. She has heard of them but never paid attention. She ends up falling head over heels for all of them who will compete for her love. She and her best friend Hailey goes on tour with them and ends up becoming famous in the process.


11. Ellen Show!


~Amanda's POV~

I texted Liam the whole car ride there. When we walked in the building i had no idea where we were. Paul told us go talk to a lady at the front desk and tell her our names and he will meet us back stage after the show. We walked to the front desk and the lady asked for our name. "Amanda Smith and Hailey Pickett." I said. "Yes your hear for the interview! Follow me" she lead us to our dressing rooms they were so beautiful! We had dressing rooms across from each other. I think they painted to my decor because it was  Magenta all over the walls, the couches, just everything! I was snapped back into reality when someone knocked on the door and said "Your on in 5 minutes i'll be back to escort you out! When it's time" I decided to text Liam 

'Hey there :P xx' 

'Leeyum xx: Hello'

'Are you watching the show?' 

'Leeyum xx: Yes! Were excited to see you guys.' 

'Well I go on i 5  apparently' 

'Leeyum xx: Well text me during the interview ;)'

'I don't think that's possible haha! I might get distracted !!' 

'Leeyum xx: Haha' 

'Hey it's time fore me to go! Wish me luck!' 

'Leeyum xx: Good Luck!'

We waited by the door to enter and we heard Ellen talking. She kept explaining our life before we were where we are now and finally said "Give it up for Hailey Pickett and Amanda Smith" We walked out and the crowd started to cheer. We laughed as we waved at the noise. It was so incredible to have people cheer even if they hadn't even heard us sing before! 

"So girls how's your week been so far?" Ellen asked

"It's been very busy, with going to the studio and photo shoots and 2 interviews today, but i have to admit it was fun."

"So speaking of the photo shoot the photographer actually sent us one of your best pictures!" 

After she said that a picture appeared on the screen and that actually does look nice. I didn't even know we took pictures like that.

"How do you feel about that picture?" Ellen asked smiling "Because i like it! Who else in the audience likes it" The whole audience started to cheer. 

We laughed at the the crowd again. "To be honest Ellen. I don't even remember taking this photo!" I laughed "Me neither" Hailey laughed 

Ellen got up out her seat and walked around the chairs for humor then sat back down. "Your telling me!? That you don't remember taking one of your best pictures!?" Ellen said grinning "What sense does that make?" 

We laughed as we shrugged. 

"So tell us about your relation with the boys!"

"OH uhm.. Our relationship is really close and uhmm were just friendly. Me and  Liam were mad at a point in time but we made up in between interviews." I said smiling

A big picture then appeared on the screen! I turned to see me and Liam kissing on the screen! I put my head in my hands and blushed. 

"So can you explain that?" 

"Uhmm, we were at the beach with Hailey and the guys and we were gonna go in because it was late and he pulled me aside and we took a walk and he confessed his feelings and that happened!" I said laughing. 

"Did you not see cameras?" Ellen asked

"NO! Thats the weird part about it! It was dark and no camera's flashed!"

"Ok I'm gonna ask some questions then the audience is gonna ask some! Is that ok?" She said looking at us

We nodded.

"Ok. My question is If you had to choose one place to stay for the rest of your life with out leaving the area where would it be?" Ellen asked

"Uhm.. This is kinda tricky because we have a lot of favorite places we would like to visit, but i would say America I don't know what part but i would have to stay in America!" Hailey said

"I would stay in America too, It's just looks like a fun country and i like to explore my surroundings! I heard there's a lot of attractions here." I said

"Ok! It's time for the audience questions." Ellen said as she got up and grabbed a microphone and ran randomly to a person who had their hand up. She spoke in the microphone "Were gonna start in the back!" She chose someone and said "State your name and age please!"

"Uh, Hi! My names Sophia and i'm 17 and i was wondering who is your celebrity crush." She grinned and sat back down. 

"Uhm.. My celebrity crush would have to be Liam Payne from One Direction." I said with a smile 

"Mines would have to be Niall Horan from One Direction" Hailey said blushing

We knew they were watching and we had butterflies at the thought.

"Hi my names Amanda im 16!" "Ahh we have the same name!" I said with a smile She laughed and continued her question "What is the youngest you would date and whats the youngest?" She sat back down 

"Well the youngest i would have to date is 17 and the oldest is 20."  Hailey said

"Me also!" I said

"Hi my name is Greg im 19 and i was wondering when are your birthday's?

"Mines is April 6th, 1993" I said

"And mines is July 18th, 1993"

"My name's Kaity i'm 15 and i was wondering what's it like touring/ working with One Direction?"

"Well were not actually touring with them.. but as of hanging out with them it's pretty cool and were not  working with them yet just but we do have the same record company as them so we might be doing songs together in the future you never know!" Hailey said

"2 more questions" Ellen said

"Hi my name is Bob im 18 ! And i was wondering how did you even get to go in the studio and who did you work with and whats your record name"

"Uhmm, We actually got to go in the studio because I like to sing in the shower" I laughed at what i said on TV as the crowd did to. "And i guess he heard me and he just like told us to perform for him and we had to go through the rest of the guys approval with the guys to see if we were good enough to go to the studio." 

"We worked with Simon Cowell who is a lovely man with a rude attitude! He actually made us work and we have an new album out with 10 songs. It's a very short album but you could get that December 14th in  any participating stores. And our record label is called SYCO records."

"One More" she said as she went to the front

"My names James 19, and i was wondering whats your favorite color and what are you favorite TV shows. and favorite foot ball team

"My favorite color is blue and my favorite TV shows are X-Factor, Scooby - Doo, Fairly Odd Parents, and Sponge bob  she laughed "No matter how old you are you are never to old for Fairly Odd Parents, Scooby - Doo and or Sponge Bob"  I said "By football what do you mean? Remember people were British do you mean our football which is i heard soccer for you am i right? or Your football?" I asked

"Your football" 

"Oh in that case Manchester United" I laughed

Hailey  laughed while she said her said her  answer "My favorite color is blue and my favorite TV shows are Sponge Bob,  X-Factor, and Fairly Odd Parents and my favorite sports team is Manchester United"

After the questions we had to perform one of our new songs. When we were done every stood up and clapped as Ellen re-introduced us  and led us back staged we met Paul as instructed and left i started to text Liam in the process. 

'Hey babe ;)' 

' Leeyum xx: Hey! You were fantastic!' 

'Thank' I blushed at the text

'Are we still on for the dinner date?' 

'Of course! I just need to take a quick shower and change when we get back!' 

'Ok, no problem we have time. ;) I was wondering if we could have a movie night?' 

'Yea that's cool!' 

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