Lost In Paradise

Amanda's dad had got a new job. This job wasn't very usual for must jobs. His job was as One Directions tour manager. She has heard of them but never paid attention. She ends up falling head over heels for all of them who will compete for her love. She and her best friend Hailey goes on tour with them and ends up becoming famous in the process.


24. Alone Time

~Amanda's POV~

" STOP!" I screamed "STOP IT!"  I screamed some more "LOUIS STOP IT!-" "NO!" he said while laughing. "STOP TICKLING ME! STOP" I screamed some more as i started to laugh "Not till you admit i'm the tickle king." "Never!" I wasn't giving that easy. "Suit yourself" He shrugged and tickled me some more. I was curled in a ball getting tickled by my own boyfriend. "OK OK!" I gave in "Your the tickle king" "I know." He said kissing my nose. I smiled as i turnt on the TV I did a little channel surfing. Until I came across the smurfs! "Louis! Come watch it with me!" I said climbing into bed and getting under the covers."Watch what?" "The smurfs." I said excitedly. If it was one thing i loved more than Louis it was the smurfs. He layed under the covers next to me and we cuddled, with my head on his chest and my hand around  him. I could feel his steady heart beat. He drifted off in the middle of the movie. When the movie went off it was midnight. I drifted to sleep still cuddled to Louis. When i woke up it was 10:30 a.m. "Good morning babe." Louis said kissing my forehead. "Good morning" I said smiling. I got up and did the normal morning routine. Wash my face and brush my teeth. I skip down the stairs to find no one here. It was just me and Lou. I went back upstairs. "Babe" I asked "Yes?" "Where are the guys and Hailey?" "They went out they said they wanted to give us alone time." I layed next to Louis in the bed and kissed his lips. They were soft and gentle. He began to take my shirt off and i didn't even mind. He then tugged at my pants.  (Not going into details).

~2 hours later~

We must have fell asleep after because just then Hailey and the boys came back. "WERE HOME!" i hurried and put on my shirt and boxers Louis let me wear. "Louis wake up" I said shaking him. "Here's you clothes get dressed their back" I said shoving his clothes in his face while speaking really fast. When he got up i ran out the room closing the door behind me. "Hey guys" I said walking down the stairs

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