Summer Love

Paige Taylor spends her summer before going to college to study music abroad. While in the studio, she catches the eye of One Direction. Will they fall for more than her talent? Who will Paige choose? This will be a Summer Love she'll never forget.


2. Love at First Glance

Paige's P.O.V

Today's my first day at my new job. Before I came to London, I auditioned and got accepted into a huge British record label that so many stars had come from. I needed to make a good first impression. I woke up at 7:30 so I'd be early for my 10:00 appointment at the studio. I hop into my shower and start warming up my voice with scales. I brush my teeth, dry myself off, and start getting dressed. I put on my favorite raspberry colored blouse, black jeans, and my leather jacket. I pull on my knee high frye boots and my grey beanie. I put my guitar in its case and grab my music book. "I'm ready," I tell myself over and over.  I lock my apartment, and flag a cab.


"Thanks." I say as I pay the cab driver and open up the door. The wind hits me and I zip up my jacket. "This place is huge..." I say as I push open the huge glass doors. A fair blonde women sits at the reception desk. Her big eyes meet mine. "Name?" She asks. At first I'm taken off guard by her British accent. I'm gonna have to get used to this....

       "Um Paige. Paige Taylor." I stutter. She turns to her computer and types loudly. She meets my eyes again. "Studio six. Down the hall to your right. Your studio manager Tom will be waiting for you." I nod. "Thank you." I take off my hat and start down the hall. I can hear guitars strumming and people singing. I'm already intimidated. I see a huge sign with a six on it. "This is it." I say, taking in a huge breath. I open up the doors and see 5 boys inside recording. They are in the middle of singing but they all instantly make eye contact with me. They look vaguely familiar. A man controlling their mics turns around and smiles. "You must be Paige. My name is Tom Eldridge. I'm so pleasured to have you here." He opens his arms and gives me a hug. I giggle and place my guitar and books on a chair. "Thank you so much Tom. I'm extremely excited to start recording." He grins and turns back around to face the boys. "Come out guys, I'd like to introduce you to someone." One by one each of the boys come out of the small enclosed studio.

     The first boy has dark brown hair and tanned skin. His right arm is covered in tattoos. The next one is tall with broad shoulders. He has a shaved head and an adorable smile. The next boy has light brown hair and is wearing suspenders with cuffed jeans and toms. No socks. A curly brown haired boy is next. His green eyes are gorgeous and his smiles sparkles. The last boy catches my eye the most. His dyed blonde hair with dark roots is messy but styled to perfection. His eyes are the bluest I've ever seen. His smile is full of braces... but its adorable. He grins right at me and I find myself staring. I snap out of my trance. Tom rests a hand on my shoulder. "Paige, this is One Direction. Zayn, Liam, Louis, Harry, and Niall." I knew they looked familiar. I'd never been a huge fan, but I'd heard their music. I smile at them. "Hi guys, I'm Paige Taylor. I'm new here, I'm hoping to start working on an album." They look around at eachother. The gorgeous blonde, Niall speaks up. "Mi-mind if we hear ya?" As if he wasn't already crushable- his Irish accent was probably the cutest thing I've ever heard. I look at Tom who gives me a look of approval. "Um.. sure!" I say. Niall smiles, and the rest of the boys take a seat in the chairs. I grab my guitar and head into the enclosed recording area. I start strumming and singing along to my favorite original song. As I sing, I see Tom giving me a huge thumbs up. The boys seem to be listening, but still talking amongst eachother. Except for Niall. His gorgeous eyes are right on me. I can feel myself blushing as I finish the last line of the song. Niall and Tom both get up out of their seats and starts clapping. I smile and open the door. "Beautiful Paige. Absolutely stunning." Says Tom, patting me on the back. Niall comes up to me next. "That was... fantastic. You have an incredible voice Paige." I grin. "Thank you so much. That really means so much to me."

       The rest of the boys give me great comments and are impressed. We talk, and jam a little on our guitars. Me and Niall can play the best... and we joke about it. I'm beaming. After a while, Louis announces that the band has to go. I understand... but I was having a great time with the boys. Especially Niall. As they begin to file out of the studio, Niall stops and turns to me. He comes close to my face and meets my eyes. "Listen, Paige. I really want to keep in touch. Are you gonna be here more often? I'd love to see you." Is this really happening? I think to myself. "Um... yeah actually. A lot. I'll be recording here all summer." His blue eyes light up. "Really?! Us too! Our new album!" I'm so happy to know I'm going to get to know Niall better... he seems awesome. "Hey, I'll give you my number." He says, pulling out his phone. I reach into my pocket and get mine. We exchange numbers. "I'll text you." I say to him, as he starts towards the door. He shoots me one last smile. "It was really nice to meet you Paige."


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