Summer Love

Paige Taylor spends her summer before going to college to study music abroad. While in the studio, she catches the eye of One Direction. Will they fall for more than her talent? Who will Paige choose? This will be a Summer Love she'll never forget.


5. A New Song

Paige's P.O.V

I got up early this morning to get to the studio. Last night I started working on a new song... and I took inspiration from me and Niall's "date". I had been playing around with the chords for a long time and could never put lyrics to it- but I think I've got something good. It's not completely finished, but I want to record what I have.


The studio is quiet. Its just me and my guitar. I pull my guitar onto my lap and bend the mic toward me. My fingers stroke the strings and I can feel my heart beating. The lyrics start slipping from my lips.

Never felt like this before

are we friends or are we more?

As I'm walking towards the door

I'm not sure.

I picture the exact moment the lyrics are describing. Niall kissing me on the cheek and walking down the street after breakfast yesterday. My blushing cheeks, his smile....

I repeat the lyrics over and over recording it until it's just right. I can't seem to come up with any other good lyrics. I really want Niall's help- but how will I show him without him finding out what it's about? Oh well. I don't have much time to finish this album... I need all the help I can get.

I grab my guitar and start walking back to my apartment. I pull out my phone and text Niall.

"Hey, is now a good time for some guitar jamming? I need your help with song lyrics." Sent.

As I push through my apartment door, I feel my phone vibrate.

"hi, ya im in the mood for some jammin. my place?"

I smile to myself.

"Your place it is. x"

He sends me his address, and he lives surprisingly really close. So close, I can walk. I sling my guitar on my back and follow my phone's GPS. It takes me to a small townhouse right outside the downtown of London. I walk up to the door and knock. I hear footsteps approaching. The door opens and Niall greets me.

"Hey, come in."

I smile and come inside. "Thanks."

His house very simple... but messy. Very Niall. He leads me towards the living room area where his guitar is already on the couch. I sit down and start taking out my guitar. He starts playing his. His fingers glide over the strings and he plays each chord flawlessly. I pull my guitar out of its case and put it on my lap. He looks at me.

"So... new song? Show me what you have so far."

I take a deep breath.

"Okay... here goes-"

I start playing the chords and try to hit each note perfectly. I start to sing.

Never felt like this before

are we friends or are we more?

As I'm walking towards the door

I'm not sure.

After I finish, he gazes into my eyes. He has a puzzled but fascinated look on his face. He opens his mouth.

"w--who is that about?" he stutters.

I can't seem to let the words leave my mouth. Do I lie? If I tell him will he be creeped out? Did he even like the song?

"Uh-um... its..."

I look at the ground trying to collect my thoughts. Just spit it out Paige.

"I wrote it about you Niall. About yesterday."

He's lost in my eyes. Suddenly they light up and a smile grows on his face.

"It is?"

I slowly nod.

"I-I love it."

I bit my lip.

"You do?"

He rests his hand on my thigh.

"Yes. A lot. And Paige- I really like you too. And I'd like to ask you on a date properly this time."

He likes it. More than that... he likes me.

"I would love to go out with you Niall." I reach for his hand.

He smiles. Just as I'm about to start playing guitar again, he leans in and kisses me. On the lips. I'm startled but kiss him back. It's perfect. He quickly pulls away and meets my eyes again.

"S-sorry." he says, looking away.

I laugh. "Don't be."

He smiles.

"Back to this song. I absolutely love it... matter of fact... I'd love the other boys to hear it. Would you mind playing it for them?"

I run my fingers through my hair.

"Not at all! I need opinions and help with lyrics."

He nods.

"Great. How bout tomorrow? At the studio?"

I start putting my guitar back into the case.


We get up off the couch and he walks me to the door. We say our goodbyes and I slowly start walking home.

Niall Horan just kissed me...and asked me out.



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