Cover Up

“I was wondering if you would like to do a small job for me, it will involve a lot of your time, but I am willing to pay you whatever it takes.” He says staring at me for a response.

“What kind of job?” I asked questioning him. Simon only looks around before lowering his voice and speaking to me.

“I have a client and he’s a little off the rails in the erm…woman department.” I interrupt him clearing something up for myself.

“A manwhore?” I said raising my eyebrows at him

Payton Kennings is your average girl, when she meets Simon Cowell in a small encounter at Starbucks and agrees to help him out with a cilent. But what she didn't know is that whens he accepted his deal, Payton had no idea what she had signed up for. Now she's stuck in a six month realtionship with a certain curly haired boy. Will Payton fall under his charms or will he fall under her's?


8. You're Meeting Harry Styles

Cover Up    

Chapter 7   

~Harry's POV~    

"Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?" The pirate on the TV yelled as the theme song to Spongebob started. I look at the time on my new iPhone and see it had been a little it over an hour since the boys left. Right at the moment the door opens and closes as Perrie walks into the room with a couple of shopping bags in her hands.    

"Hey, where is everyone?" She asks throwing the bags on the floor and sitting down next to be on the couch.    "Helping Cara." I said not taking my eyes off of the TV screen. She looks at her phone as it dings letting her know she had a new message.    

"That's not what Zayn is saying." She said showing me her phone that was opened to the conversation her and Zayn had been having. I read the last message that been sent by Zayn only a few minutes ago.    

From: Zayn <3    

Helping Alyssa and Eleanor pick out Pay's outfit for her date. Be over there in a few.    

They had lied to me about going over to help out Cara.     

"That's why they didn't want me coming with them." I said out loud, completely forgetting that Perrie was in the room with me. She starts to say something, but gets cut off with the sound of laughter and chatter outside of the flat. Soon everyone from the boys, to Eleanor, Cara, and Alyssa walk into the flat.    

"Hey Harry, you're looking fancy." Louis teases me as he takes Perrie's old seat next to me. I probably looked weird sitting in the living room of our flat in a black suit. I probably looked like some sort of federal agent or something.    

"So Cara, did you like the outfit they chose for you?" I asked acting like I was completely oblivious to where they actually were.    

"What ou-" she starts but gets cut off by Alyssa jamming her elbow into her ribcage. "Lyssa, what the actual fuck!" She shouts while leaning over in pain.    

"You know the outfit we helped you pick out." Lyssa hissed at her as Cara's face scrunches into a face of confusion, before finally realizing what she meant.    

"Yeah, like my outfit?" She said giving me a twirl, but stops when she sees that I don't respond. The look on Lyssa's face looked like the mixture of relief and nervous. "Harry, do you like my outfit?" Cara said almost angrily when I don't complaint her.    

"You don't like my style so you wouldn't care what I think anyways." I said and I watched Lyssa jam her elbow into Cara's side again, which causes Cara to yell out in surprise and anger.    

"Alyssa Marie Jacobson you are dead." Cara stated angrily before Alyssa started to run around the flat trying to escape Cara's wrath.   

"You know, don't you." Eleanor said sitting next to me while her boyfriend and the other boys encourage Cara.   

"Know that you guys went to help Payton?" I asked her while brushing off some of the lint on my formal suit.   

"You'll thank us later." She whispered into my ear with a big smile. "Now, go she's waiting for you at her flat." I nod my head and get my keys off the coffee table. I don't bother even announcing that I was leaving, since everyone was to busy watching Cara chase Alyssa around.    

"BYE HAROLD!" Louis screams as before I walk out the door. I wave over my shoulder before there was a thud and Lyssa voice seemed to scream bloody murder. I chuckle before walking the short distance to Payton's door. I politely knock on the door, before a muffled "come in" could be heard. I walk into the flat seemed empty expect for Payton's muffled voice from upstairs.    

"Of course I've thought of that Branden." Her muffled voice said and I instantly felt my blood boil with the mention of Branden's name. "Yeah, we should." Payton said her voice closer to me now. "Tomorrow is perfect." I sit down at the couch as her voice floated down the stairs. "Yeah, I know, bye." She said giggling as I hear her feet finally hit the floor. I turn and I see her back towards me with her back towards. Even though I could only see her back I could already see how beautiful she looked. "Ready to go?" Payton asks me when she notices that I completely zone out while looking at her. She was wearing a beautiful black dress that was long towards the back and short in the front. It made her already long legs even longer. The dress hugged every one of her smooth curves, and I instantly fell in love with that dress, "Really Harry, we talked about this a couple of times now, my eyes are up here." Payton teased making me break away from my thoughts and back to her.    

"Sorry, you ready to go?" I asked her and she nodded her head. I extended my arm to her so she could take it and connect our arms. I lead her out of the flat and thankfully into the empty hallway. When we get into the lift, I press the garage button and the doors instantly close us in empty the small lift.    

"So where are we going?" Payton asks me while fixing the top of her dress that I had only right now noticed was a bit low cut, but it looked absolutely stunning on her. Normally if anyone else wore that low cut of a dress I would have classified them as an easy target, but with Payton I think of a tease. It feels like she showing me exactly what isn't rightfully mine. "Harry?" She asks while her soft brown eyes, that almost matched Liam's eyes, were looking at me.    

"Sorry, I zoned out." I said turning away as I felt a bit of heat on my neck, and I push it down refusing to blush.    

"Oh, I asked you where we are going?" She asks again, as the lift bings and allows out into the seemingly empty garage of the building.    

"To a fashion show." I said casually as though we were just heading to the local diner to grab a bite to eat. Payton's brown eyes widened and she soon starts to quickly try and keep up with my pace.    

"A fashion show?" She asks probably trying to confirm if she had heard correctly.    

"Yes a fashion show." I confirm while opening the passenger side door for her to slide into. I have almost carry her into the car, as she tries to regain her compose. When we finally get into the car I start it and start driving out to the location of the event. After a pretty quick drive, we arrive to the fashion show. I pull into the parking space and take a quick peek at Payton who looked nervous. She had seen that we would have to walk past a pretty large amount of photographers and from our last encounter with the press I could tell she didn't like them at all. "The trick is to just keep the entrance in sights." I tell her while entwining our fingers letting her know I was going to be next to her the entire time. She nodded and pulled her hand away from mine. I could still feel the warmth of her palm against mine while our fingers were tied together.    

"Are you getting out?" She asked from the passenger side, where she still sat waiting for me to open the door for her.    

"Sorry I zoned out." I apologized yet again as got out of the car and walked over to Payton's side of the car. I open the door for her and extend my hand to her, which she hesitates before taking, but eventually does.   

"Such a gentlemen." She teases before I entwine our fingers and I lead her towards the entrance that was cover with photographers and fans. When we are finally visible to everyone the screams of the fans and paparazzi seem to double in volume. We walk a good distance into the sea of people before Payton tugs me to a stop. She stand on her tiptoes her lips dangerously close to my ear as her soft breath fans my ear. "You should stop and talk to some fans." She says before grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the screaming sea of fans.    

"Harry! Harry! Harry!" The shouts start, I didn't know who approach first, but luckily I didn't have to choose. When Payton sees my hesitation, she leads me to a little girl who was probably no older than 5. She had long brown curly hair, that seemed to match what I am guessing is her sister's hair.    

"Hi." I greet the little girl whose bright blue were widened in complete shock.    

"Go ahead Madeline say hi." Her sister said and slightly nudged her forwards. The little girl wore a pair of skinny jean with a T-shirt that had mine and boys' faces plaster over it.    

"Hi, I am Madi, this is my mummy. She really likes you Harry." Madeline says shyly, but since we were so close I was able to hear her.    

"You're her mom?" Payton asked with concerned eyes at the young mom who was probably no older than Payton.    

"Yeah, I got pregnant at 17 after I got drunk one night and my boyfriend, he um took advantage of that." She says in an ashamed tone as the little girl hugs her mom's waist, when she sees tears prick her eyes.    

"Don't cry mummy, you're meeting Harry Styles." Madeline says and her mum laughs before wiping away the tears I sign a couple of things for Madeline and her mum before heading off to sign some things for the other fans. After about twenty minutes of signing things, I look around noticing Payton hadn't left Madeline and her mum.    

"I insist please." Payton pleads to Madeline's mum who only shakes her head at Payton. "Please let me help, I know it's not a lot, but please. " Payton pleads again and this time takes Madeline's mum's hand and places a fairly thick wad of money in the palm of her hands.    

"I promise to return every last pound." Madeline's mum promises, before pulling Payton into a tight hug.   

"Harry!"Someone besides almost yells a bit too loudly.    

"Yes, love." I said turning to the young who looked around 16.   

"I approve of her. She is nothing like Taylor, plus you look happy with her not complete miserble and sad." The fan says pointing to Payton who was now taking different fans twitter names. I could hear her promising to hand all the names to me and the boys. What the fan said had struck me strange, rarely the fans even slightly tolerate the woman in my love life.    

"I approve to!" Other fan shouts and soon a large majority of the fans are shouting that they agree. I turn to look at Payton who was now standing next to one of the security guards happily chatting. When the shouts of the fans start they both look over to me, I chuckle at the fans before signing in last item and heading to join Payton.    

"I thought you were starting a riot." She teases before waving goodbye to the security guard before falling in step with my pace.    

"Actually that was all you." I stated while placing my hand on her lower back so I could lead her to our seats.   

"Me?" She says completely baffled at the fact that it was her not me that was starting the riot. "Oh God, they hate don't they!" She exclaims, as I sit down on our seats and motion for her to sit down in the sit next to me.   

"Actually they were screaming about how they approve." I chuckle in memory to the fan who told me she approved of Payton and not of the tall, older blonde I had date only a few months ago.    

"Seriously?" She says completely taken aback at the fact people accepted her in my life. Honestly I was a bit taken aback myself when the fan said I looked happy with Payton and not with Taylor. My relationship with Taylor although it was short it was real, and I honestly believed I was happy in that relationship. Had I not looked happy at all? For the fans to actually be fooled by the relationship I now held with Payton? I didn't feel anything except for the lust I held for her, but is it possible that there is more than I am missing?    

"Yes." I said while leaning in for a kiss, but she places her hands on my chest and pushes me back.    

"What are you doing?" She asked looking around, which confuses me. Until I realize she was looking for the photographers, but at the moment there was no one inside of the room except a few early arrives.    

"Nothing." I stutter before turning away from her and facing forward. I sit that way into I feel a soft gentle hand on my arm.    

"At least if the fans approve then we wouldn't have to deal with them denying we are 'dating'." She says making quotation marks with her fingers. I had been so caught up in everything that I had completely forgotten that Payton wasn't actually mine.    

"Yeah." I coldly responded, which seemed to make Payton confused at my sudden mood change. Honestly, that sudden realization that she wasn't mine, somewhat struck a nerve. I knew it was that lust I felt for her, the same one that had driven all my relationships. Payton wasn't any different from any of other girls, the only thing that set her apart for the other girls was she was harder to crack. Wasn't that the reason for my sudden mood chance?   


Author's note:    

Sorry for the late update, it took me a while to actually write it and then I have school. Ugh>_> stupid school. BUT HERE IT IS!  I am I actually completely hate how I ended this chapter...!   

This chapter is dedicated to:    @CourtneyStylinson  because she is my crazy directioner buddy! I LOVE YOU COURTNEY!   

The chapter's question is: Do you guys want the rest of the date in Harry's or Payton's POV.    

I AM OFF NOW! To finally watch Footlose! KICK OFF YOUR SUNDAY SHOES!!    



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