Cover Up

“I was wondering if you would like to do a small job for me, it will involve a lot of your time, but I am willing to pay you whatever it takes.” He says staring at me for a response.

“What kind of job?” I asked questioning him. Simon only looks around before lowering his voice and speaking to me.

“I have a client and he’s a little off the rails in the erm…woman department.” I interrupt him clearing something up for myself.

“A manwhore?” I said raising my eyebrows at him

Payton Kennings is your average girl, when she meets Simon Cowell in a small encounter at Starbucks and agrees to help him out with a cilent. But what she didn't know is that whens he accepted his deal, Payton had no idea what she had signed up for. Now she's stuck in a six month realtionship with a certain curly haired boy. Will Payton fall under his charms or will he fall under her's?


18. Truths

Cover Up 

Chapter 17

{Payton's POV} 

I hated first days of school when teachers would force you to tell random people about your life. I hated job interviews when they would ask you all about you. I hated talking about myself. So when Harry offers to tell me about his past with Branden in exchange for the past with my parents I wasn't exactly thrilled. Luckily though I convinced Harry to go first and we were currently sitting on a bench over looking the lake. It was silent all the soft whispers of people walking by can be heard as they recognize Harry. No one approaches us and it makes me feel even more uncomfortable. Having all these people whisper as they pass by makes me feel like some attraction. Almost as I am locked in a cage and am only here to entertain them. 

"After a while you get to used to it." Harry said from beside me noticing me glaring at the lake as the people pass us by. 

"How do you get used to feeling like a damn monkey in a cage?" I asked Harry still staring at the lake as if it held all the answer. 

"You don't just after a while the stares just feel normal and you learn to ignore them." Harry says entwining our fingers which made the whispers around us only become louder. I send him a small smile before turning and facing him. 

"Are you going to tell me?" I asked him as turn my body around so I was facing him. Harry turns so he's facing me too and he let his eyes wander around my face before sighing and nodding his head. 

"Branden isn't what he always says he is. He is a bitter and selfish person who is willing to do anything to ruin my life." Harry said turning to face the lake again. "We used to be best friends, he even applied at the X-factor with me, but although we were friends he was very competitive. He always felt like he needed to do better than me. I guess eventually he felt the need to overpower me in everything." Harry stopped talking and looked around seeing that not many people were paying attention to us anymore. "Soon it wasn't just in school and sports, it became my entire life. He forced us to compete for a girl I liked, back in school. I was stupid and young and never knew how much harm that competition could do." 

I was actually starting to get worried by the way Harry spoke it made it seem as if they truly did something so bad. I knew boys had egos and competed over things like girls or who has the better car, but how bad was the competition that Harry regretted. 

"What happened Harry." I asked holding his hand to give him the support I thought he might need. 

"We drove her into a depression." He said letting out a shaky sigh as he tighten his grip on my hand. I didn't mind at all, I was fine with being here and helping him through this. "When the school found out that she was I guess the prize between me and Branden the rest of the school jumped in. They did anything to be the one to say they were the one who got the girl ‘Harry and Branden wanted.’" His voice cracked a bit as the memories of what had happened probably took over his mind. I might not be able to easily ready other people like Alyssa can, but I know a broken person when I see one. Whatever happened between Harry and Branden had broken him. "She was bullied and treated like a slice of meat that the entire school wanted. She fell into a depression and a few months later she-" Harry stopped as his voice seemed to get lower and rougher than it already was. I give his hand that had been tightly gripping onto mine a tight squeeze, before he decided to continue. "She committed suicide." He finished finally looking up at me with his bright green that were now rimmed with a light tint of red. 

"It's not your fault you know." I said calmly hoping that Harry accepted the fact that all that happened was completely out of his control. 

"No, it is my fault I could have stopped it. I could have controlled it, but I didn't because I let my own ego get the best of me." Harry said letting the vulnerability in his voice be heard loud and clear. He was broken because of what happened so long ago even years after it was clear that he still blamed himself. 


Author's Note:

Thank you. For being so patient and understanding with me because I know that it must be horrible that I didn't update at all these last few weeks. Well let me start off my horrible excuse with this...


It took up so much of my spare time, but I just took my last final Thursday which means that for the next 2 months are completely school free and I have more time to update. That's if I don't get a job over the summer...or I am not too busy, but I probably won't be busy at all so...


I am sorry this author's is so loooonng but...yeah I had to explain why my updates have been pretty close to nonexistent. 

I ALSO WENT AND SAW STAR TREK! WHICH WAS AMAZING!!, comment, and love Benedict Cumberbatch!! >.< 



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