Cover Up

“I was wondering if you would like to do a small job for me, it will involve a lot of your time, but I am willing to pay you whatever it takes.” He says staring at me for a response.

“What kind of job?” I asked questioning him. Simon only looks around before lowering his voice and speaking to me.

“I have a client and he’s a little off the rails in the erm…woman department.” I interrupt him clearing something up for myself.

“A manwhore?” I said raising my eyebrows at him

Payton Kennings is your average girl, when she meets Simon Cowell in a small encounter at Starbucks and agrees to help him out with a cilent. But what she didn't know is that whens he accepted his deal, Payton had no idea what she had signed up for. Now she's stuck in a six month realtionship with a certain curly haired boy. Will Payton fall under his charms or will he fall under her's?


10. My Little Bird


Cover Up

Chapter 8

~Harry's POV~

"Hello, do you have a reservation?" The waitress who had been standing at the podium asks me and Payton. I had somehow convinced Payton that we should at least head out to dinner, but she had been very reluctant to coming. I think a mixture of my sudden attitude change and the words Taylor had said had darken Payton's mood. When we had arrived to the show, she had been in such a good mood even encouraging me to slow down and talk to the fans. "Yes, under Styles?" I asked her and she looked at through the name of her reservation books. She was stunning probably about Louis' age, she had lovely midnight black hair that was pulled into a elegant bun. Her dark colored eyes seemed to match the color of a moonless night. I stare at her as she continues to look down her book, and I feel Payton's eyes on me. The longer I seemed to stare at the waitress in front of her, the more I see to find the small comparisons between her and the brunette next to me. Her hair seemed damaged probably from all the uses of a straighter or curler. It was a dull comparison to Payton's shining now auburn locks that were ways in slight waves. The way the waitress's eyes were about three shades darker than the soft brown color of Payton's eyes.

"Ah, found it yes right this way Mr. Styles." She smiled and I only found another comparison between her and Payton. The waitress's smile was small and kind, while Payton was a bright and contagious. Payton’s smile was one of those smiles that the minute you saw it you couldn't help but smile as well. "Is here okay?" She asks motioning to the table that was a bit hidden from everyone else, but still held a beautiful view of everything outside.

"Yes, thank you." I thank her as she hands us our menus and mentions that the someone would soon come and take our orders.

"Is this going to be a repeat of the last time you took me out to eat?" Payton asks me not even bother to give me her attention. Her eyes only looked over the menu in her hands mindlessly, probably trying to avoid my eye contact.

"What are you talking about?" I ask while putting down my menu hoping that she copies my action, but she doesn't. Her eyes never leaving the menu almost as if it was the answers to an exam and if she didn't memorize she was going to fail.

"The last time we went out to eat you ended you flirting with the underage waitress. Which eventually lead me to leave, so you two could have your privacy." She said still being stubborn not looking up to look in my eyes. That day I don't even know what came over me, there was something about seeing the jealously in Payton's eyes that made me feel good. Maybe it was the thought of her even caring that who I spoke to made me happy.

"Is that jealously I sense?" I teased her while pulling her menu down with my finger. She finally looks at me, but I somewhat regretting getting her to look at me. Her usual caramel eyes, now a dark chocolate brown with what I could sense was anger and jealous.

"I am no-"

"What would you youngsters like to drink today." A middle age waiter asks us, cutting off Payton's protests.

"I have a glass of your finest wine, please." I ask in a posh accent and the waiter takes down my drink order.

"And for the lovely lady?" He asks looking at Payton who sends a warm smile to the waiter. The same ones that bright up the entire room when she flashes it.

"I'll just have a glass of ice water, I don't drink." She says with a pointed look at me. For some strange reason her opinion on drinking seemed to cause my next actions.

"Never mind I'll like a glass of iced tea instead." I ask the waiter who only gives a small wink after he sees that the only reason I changed my drink is because of Payton.

“I will be right back with your drinks and to take your orders.” He said before excusing himself to go grab our drinks. I pick my menu again and decide to scan it for something to actually order.

“You know just because you decided to change your drink after finding out I don’t drink doesn’t mean I forgive you.” Payton announced, and for the first time the entire dinner placing her menu down. Her soft brown eyes seemed to be a bit softer from earlier in the parking lot, when she had been screaming for me to take her home.

“I wasn’t looking for your forgiveness.” I snap at her and the softness of her eyes disappear again, as she picks up her menu again. I sigh somewhat defeated that everything thing I seem to do for Payton to forgive me for my attitude seems to only anger her more. “I am sorry, I didn’t mean to snap at you like that.” I apologize and she only scoffs at my apology, I stare at her somewhat offended that she treated my apology like that.

“You rich boys seem to think that everything can either be solved with money or with a empty apology. Some things need to be fixed with actions not words or money, Harold.” She says before placing a sweet smile on her lips as the middle age waiter returns with our drinks.

“Here you go.” He says while handing us our different glass of beverage, I mumble a quick thank you not being able to form any words after Payton’s outburst. “Now what you kiddos want to eat?” He asks while pulling out a notepad to write down our order.

“I’ll have a plate of steak and mashed potatoes.” Payton simply asks, as I desperately look on the menu for something to order. “Harold, you need to order.” Payton asks and I only nod, knowing exactly what to do.

“I’ll have the same, thank you.” I said and the waiter nods with a smile before walking off with the promise to have our food at our table under twenty minutes. We sit silently and I look at Payton who was mindlessly looking at the restaurant at the different people that were seated near us. We sat in the pretty secluded side of the restaurant, but on the other side was the more crowded side and that is the side that seemed to capture Payton’s attention. Actually more in particular a certain couple that sat in one of the tables on the far side of the restaurant. Payton watches them intently as they interact with one an other, in sweet gestures, the young man who from my position looked in about his mid-twenties, held his date’s hand over the table. The young girl laughed and smiled at him with an adoration clear in her eyes. Watching these two interact made me reach other to Payton and grab her hand just like the couple across the room from us.

“What are you doing?” She asks, turning to face me with confusion in her eyes. I felt her squeeze my hand as the young man from the table looked over at us. Payton squeezes my hand a bit harder, enough to make me slightly wince, as she feels the young man’s eyes on her. “Don’t recognize me, please.” She mumbles as I watch the guy excuse himself from his date and get up to walk over to our table.

“Payton what’s going on.” I asks her while giving her hand a small squeeze, letting her know everything would be fine. She doesn’t respond just hold onto my hand as the guy finally stop in front of our table. He doesn’t say anything he just stares at Payton in what I am guessing is shock.

“Pay?” He breathlessly asks her and her grip on my hand tightens as she hears the guy speak.

“May I help you?” I ask the guy, which quickly glances my way almost in surprise that there was someone else seated with Payton.

“Pay, who is this?” The guy asks as he looks Payton up from her head to her toes, until his eyes finally fall on our entwined hands. “Payton Kennings, I am asking you a question.” The boys harshly speaks to her as Payton only closes her eyes tightly to avoid his questioning glance.

“Can I help you, Nicolas.” Payton coldly asks Nicolas, as she finally raises her head from her lap to Nicolas. I stare them and see the instant similarities, between the two, the same light colored eyes, the same what I am guessing natural hair color, and same nose. They had to be related in some shape or form to have so many similarities.

“Where have you been, I have been looking for you since-” He stops and looks at me before continuing. “you know.” He says clearly not trusting me with whatever event they had been speaking of.

“Maybe I didn’t want to be found, after what happened I didn’t think I had the right to even call myself a part of that family anymore.” Payton asks while looking at me for help; her eyes pleaded for me to let us leave. She didn’t want to be here anymore, at least not with the Nicolas being this close to her.

“You need to move on Payton neither me or Eli, blame you for what happened. You’re the only one who believes it was your fault, Payton you need to let that go-” I sit completely confused on what was going on. The only thing I do know is that whatever this kid was talking about was clearly a sore spot for Payton. I look around the restaurant trying to find something to distract Payton with, because I didn’t distract her soon she would blow up.

“Nicolas Kennings listen to me and listen carefully. I no longer belong to your family, I am on my own; I don’t deserve to have anyone care about me, not after what I did.” Payton angrily spat at Nicolas before standing up to leave only to bump into a waiter who was carrying a plate of spaghetti and a glass of red wine. I instantly get up to help Payton who was currently on the floor drenched in wine and pasta. She mumbles some colorful words under her breath, before grabbing my outstretched hand to pull her up. The whole restaurant is silent as the interaction between me, Nicolas, the waiter, and Payton occurs. “Goodbye Nicolas.” Payton says before ripping her hand out of my grip, leaving me alone with what I am guessing now is her brother.

“Don’t go around starting problems that are currently not needed.” I spat at Nicolas before pulling my wallet out and setting about two hundred pounds on the table for the dinner we never got and the expenses of the broken dishes.

“Don’t be getting involved in problems that have nothing to do with you. You think you know Payton, that you have her completely figured out?” Nicolas asks before letting out a cold laughter which only angers me more. “Then you pretty boy have a lot to learn, there is one thing that never changes about Payton and that is her personality. Trust me, you will soon learn how much of a ticking time bomb, Payton is and don’t want her getting hurt by some rich douche, who left her out in the cold, because he couldn’t handle her anymore.” He spat right back before turning and heading back to the table where the young girl still sat waiting for him.


I walk out of the restaurant, after other fifteen minutes since the manager came out to speak to me about the expense that I would have to pay because of waiter, Payton had bumped into. I was walking to my car, praying that was were Payton was and that she hadn’t run away. Thankfully my prays were answered when I see laid onto of the hood of my car facing the night sky. “It’s not the best place to see the stars, too much pollution in the air.” I call out to her as I finally reach my car.

“I know.” She responded not making any movement to get off the hood. She looked stunning under the moon light, even though you could see the stains of the sauce that the earlier encounter had left on her dress.

“Your getting spaghetti sauce all over the hood of my car.” I tease her while standing to the side of the car just watching her as a small smile forms on her lips, before turning back into a frown.

“I’ll wash it later.” She said emotionlessly before closing her eyes as if to muster all her energy into the next words she was going to say. “I am sorry for ruining dinner.” She said before sitting up with her back towards me and her head leaned up into the sky.

“Payback for ruining our lunch last time, right?” I said before walking to the front of my car and sitting on the hood beside Payton. Her soft laughter fills the silent air around us, before she speaks again.

“Of course, Harold.” She says and I frown at my full name. I had never really liked it because to me it seemed to formal and high classed. Although I guess now I was considered apart of the high class society, thanks to the success that I had with the band.

“Why do you call me Harold, why not Harry or Hazza like everyone else?” I asked her and she doesn’t even hesitant to answer my question.

“Because you will one day see, that I am not like everyone else. I don’t belong inside your standard, or will I ever, maybe one day, Harold you will understand.” She answers before turning and looking at the different cars around us, instead of straight at me. I look at her and I noticed that I actually have no clues on who the real Payton was.

“You know what we should do?” I asked Payton, finally capturing my attention from whatever she had been looking at.

“What?” She asks and I only extend my hand for her to take it. “Where are you planning on taking me Harold.” She says crossing her arms across her chest like a stubborn little girl.

“To a small park a few block away.” I said even giving her a soft smile to encourage her to take my hand.

“Only rapist and killers take people to parks at this time of the night, which one are you?” She asked me with a completely serious face as I raise my eyebrows at her. I watch as Payton looks around before hopping off my car onto the floor before reaching down and removing her heels. I watch her in confusion as she takes her shoes in her hand before looking around for a second time.

“Payton, what are-” I get cut off with her running past me and down the street. I watch completely baffled where she was going, when it hit me that she was running away from me. I start running after her, hoping that she was unable to run too far away and luckily for me she was at least still in my view. After all the fans that I had to outrun I was a pretty quick runner, but it seemed like Payton did a good bit of running too, since even after two blocks she was still running at a pretty fast pace. It was completely silent around us until I hear Payton laugh up ahead of me.

“Harold, you’re so slow please don’t tell me that me a mere commoner can outrun you.” She teases me, causing me to speed up my pace to finally be running right along side her and then outrun her. “Not fair, you run all the time!” She shouts at me as I run ahead of her leading her to the small park I had told her about. When I finally make it there I hear Payton’s bare feet patter against the cement as she tries to catch up to me. I run to the nearest tree and hide behind, while doing some of the breathing exercise that my trainer had taught me to do to relax my breathing. “HAROLD.” Payton calls as I watch her jog into the clearing of the park, so I could see her but she couldn’t see me. “This isn’t funny.” She calls out while walking past the tree I was hiding behind. I carefully walk out and grab Payton by the waist which caused her to let out a ear piercing scream. “PUT ME DOWN!” She shouts as I only laugh at her and continue to walk towards the lake that was located in the park. I walk onto the dock as Payton desperately hits my back when she finally sees the water. I stop at where the dock starts and the grass end; with my freehand I pull out my iPhone and keys, before letting them softly drop onto the grass under me as a precaution. I walk onto the dock with Payton still on my shoulder, when she finally sees what I was planning on doing her small hands start punching my back in hopes of me releasing her. I finally reach the end of the dock and mindlessly throw her into the dock before jogging to the where my phone was and pulling off my blazer and dress shirt. I hear Payton splash around in the water as she tries to find the dock. I jog back to the end of the dock where I see a soaked Payton trying to pull herself out of the water. I jump into the water and quickly surface as Payton still tries to get onto the dock , but her slippery grip makes it a bit hard.

“Where are you going?” I breathe onto her neck as I grab her small waist and pull her farther into the lake, away from the dock.

“I was planning on stealing your keys and leaving you here, but you spoiled my plan.” She says while wrapping her arms around my neck to keep herself afloat. We float into the water under the mood light with Payton clinging onto me.

"You know I know nothing about you?" I ask Payton while walking us to the shore, since the bottom of the lake wasn't too deep.

"Well then Curly, ask away." Payton said suddenly into a much better mood then she was before we entered the restaurant.

"Where are you from?" I asked Payton while setting her onto the grass as I lay down beside her.

"Memphis, Tennessee, which if you don't know is in America." She jokes while staring at the night sky again. I was beginning to sense a pattern that was a bit of an outdoors person or at least I thought that since she loved staring at the sky.

"I know where Memphis is I performed there with the boys a while back." I said copying Payton's actions and staring up at the sky. Since the park was a good few blocks away from the main city, the sky was a lot clearer and the stars were more bright. "Who was that guy we ran into at the restaurant?" I ask, finding the confidence to question Payton about Nicolas. I patient wait as Payton takes a deep breath and turns to look straight at me.

"He's my brother Nicolas, we had a bit of I guess you can call it a falling out about two years ago. After my par- after a really bad event occurred in my family." She says stopping herself when she started to mention her family.

"Your parents, they keep getting mentioned. Do they have something to do with the whole falling out with your brother?" I ask, which causes Payton to fall completely silent. I had finally crossed her border line of comfort and now she had closed up the doors that I had tried to open an for a short span of time, I had. There was something about Payton that made me question her entire being, the way she acts so rudely and cold towards new people. She has a strong defense and maybe that was what made Simon give her this job in the first place. He knew she didn't let people in too often, hell sometimes it felt like we were just two complete strangers holding hand and pretending to be in love. But I guess we were just two stranger pretending to be in love.

"It's getting late we should probably head back." Payton said while jumping to her feet and wrapping her arms around herself in effort to keep herself warm. We walk up the hill to the too where all my belonging sat, in a messy pile. I pull my dress shirt back on as Payton just watches me, I would normally make a cheeky remark, but today I felt it was better I didn't. I just allow her to watch me, and in a way it made me feel exposed even after I had all the buttons done. I pick up my blazer, keys, and phone before walking over to Payton and wrapping my blazer around her cold shoulders.
"Let's head back to my car." I said placing a hand on her lower back to lead out of the park. But her pace is a bit too fast for me to keep up and soon I find her about an arms length away from me. There were no paparazzi or even fans around to use as an excuse to have Payton close. Just like at the fashion show, I find myself wanting to hold her close, but with absolutely no excuse to do so. I stop walking, as the realization of my thoughts finally hit me. I was looking for excuses to hold Payton, to kiss her, to whisper soft and caring thing into her ear. It wasn't because of the lust I felt, it was because of what my heart felt. In the middle of that park at around midnight, I realized I was slowly finding myself wanting to have the brown eyes beauty in my arms. I was finding myself caring more and more about her; I wasn't in love, but my biggest fear now was that one day I would. I couldn't do that to Payton, I knew that eventually I would make a mistake and break her. What would happen to her after that, after I break her hear with one of my foolish mistakes.

"Trust me, you will soon learn how much of a ticking time bomb, Payton is." Her brother's words float around my head as I stand completely frozen. She was a ticking time bomb, even I knew she was even if I only knew her for a short time. I knew that Payton had a reckless and wild personality, mixing that in with any sort of emotion especially anger could result in a horrible combination. I wasn't going to let my suddenly little crush on Payton cause that, I had to learn to be unselfish and let her live her life without mistakes causing her pain. But aren't we all deep down inside selfish human being, only caring for ourselves? Was it so wrong for me to be a selfish person and want to let my feelings show? Was it wrong to let Payton know I have a little crush on her that if she agreed to can one day grow to be more? It was and I knew, so for the first since because famous I was going to be unselfish, I wasn't going to pursue the one thing I wanted. I was going to let my little bird be free.I only hoped that his little crush didn't grow anymore because if it did then I knew my selfish side would lose. It would lead me to do everything and anything to finally capture that untamable mighty bird.

Author's Note:

MY LITTLE BIRD! Anyone else get the reference? No...okay *runs away and hides under bed sheets*

Anyways...I just wanted to thank you guys so much for reading! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! I am trying my best to update a story at least once a week, but sometimes it's a bit hard. I hope you guys understand that I do have a social life *burst out laughing* OH! Who am I kidding i don't have a social life...:( but I do have homework and stuff.

Question: So anyone want a Valentine's Day one shot for Payton and Harry???

Does anyone want to make me banner, trailer, cover for this story? I'll give you a dedication and ONE FREE WISH!



~ Victoria:)
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