Cover Up

“I was wondering if you would like to do a small job for me, it will involve a lot of your time, but I am willing to pay you whatever it takes.” He says staring at me for a response.

“What kind of job?” I asked questioning him. Simon only looks around before lowering his voice and speaking to me.

“I have a client and he’s a little off the rails in the erm…woman department.” I interrupt him clearing something up for myself.

“A manwhore?” I said raising my eyebrows at him

Payton Kennings is your average girl, when she meets Simon Cowell in a small encounter at Starbucks and agrees to help him out with a cilent. But what she didn't know is that whens he accepted his deal, Payton had no idea what she had signed up for. Now she's stuck in a six month realtionship with a certain curly haired boy. Will Payton fall under his charms or will he fall under her's?


4. Mr. Flirty Pants

Cover Up:

Chapter 4 

~Payton's POV~


Click click. Click. Click. Click.

"Stupid weird stalkers get a life." I mumble under my breath as photographers try -keyword try- to take pictures of me and Harry "secretly" as we walk down the street. His left arm was placed loosely around my waist as he lead me towards wherever we were going. He seemed so unfazed by the paparazzi as they followed us down the street. I on the other hand had been feeling the urge of turning around and smashing their cameras into small little pieces. No! Payton take a deep breath and calm the fuck down! Ten Nine Eight Seven...FUCKING PAPS GET OUT OF HERE!

"Payton, love are you okay?" Harry's voice fills my inner rants as be tries to capture my attention.

"Huh? Oh yeah, just um...thinking?" I said questionably.

"Okay? Wanna grab a slice of pizza?" He asks as we stand in front of a pizza place called Mom and Pops Pizzeria. It looked like the small little family owned pizzerias you would find out in the outskirts of Tennessee. I had lived there for about a third of my life, with my parents before me and Alyssa had decided to move to Pennsylvania after we graduated from high school a year early. That's right this girl had beauty and brains, and a lot of nerds who were willing to "help" her out. Heehee.

"Yeah, that's fine." I said walking in hoping the paparazzi left, once we entered the restaurant, but nope they decided it was a good idea to wait outside. "They're probably calling for backup." I mumble as Harry slides into the chair in front of me. I look around at the pictures around the restaurant, and notice most of them are family pictures. They gave the entire restaurant a sense of home and comfort. I mentally jotted down the name and streets we took to get here since I knew I was going to be coming here often.

"Hello, I am Anita your waitress how can I help you." A young about 16 year old girl with her dark hair pulled back in a tight bun asked. She wasn't screaming or trying to capture Harry's attention, but instead seemed terrified by the photographers outside.

"I am sorry." I blurt our randomly as she finally turns her attention away from the paparazzi.

"It's not your fault." She said before turning and as if for the first time noticing who was sitting right in front of her. She lets out a small gasp before taking a deep breath and letting her emotion slowly fade. She was so professional with the way she could easily control her emotions. Harry hadn't even noticed the girl since he was too busy looking at the menu.

"Can I have a slice of bacon and pepperoni pizza with a glass of ice water?" I asked the waitress. She nodded before slipping out her small notebook and jotting down my order. "Harold, what are you going to eat?" I asked formally to Harry who finally took notice in the young girl.

"I'll have the same as Payton, but can I have a glass of iced tea instead?" He asked sweetly as he shoot her a warm smile. This time she nodded even faster before mumbling something about being right back with our drinks. As she walked away I turn down and look at my phone; I sneak a glance at Harry who was checking out the young girl as she walked away.

"You are aware she only is probably about sixteen?" I said as look back down at my phone as Harry shakes his head and turns his attention back towards me.

"I don't mind, unless you're jealous?" He said smirking as I let out a loud fit of laughter Harry only gives me a completely serious look as I laugh my ass off to his comment.

"Oh. You were serious?" I said as I look into his clear green eyes, that had a mixture of many emotions in them. I stare back at him with the same intensity, but then I completely fail and start laughing uncontrollably.

"So I see how much I mean to you." Harry said with no emotion at all in his voice as he gets up to go find Anita our waitress. I was still giggling wildly, but soon my attention was captured by other person's giggling Anita's. Harry was leaning on the counter across from her as he tried -again key word here- tried to flirt with her. She was actually responding to him, which didn't surprise me at all actually, but Harry had a wild glint in his eyes at he flirted with her. He was trying to make me jealous by flirting with other girl and honestly...HE IS DELUSIONAL! Just because he's Harold Edward Styles, from the biggest boy band ever, meant that I was instantly in love with him. This isn't one of those, I seem to not be in love with you on the outside, but on the inside I was to scream I LOVE YOU...stories. No. I was merely doing my job, and appearing to be in "love" with Mr. Styles. I wasn't here to find true love and get married, hell to the no. I was here to do a job I was paid very damn well to do and to teach Mr. Flirty Pants how to calm his nuts. Literally. I was cut off from my mental rant as my phone started vibrating in my bag. I pulled my bag on top of the table and started rummaging through all the junk inside as I tried to find my phone.

"Fuck, where did I put it." I mumble angrily under my breath as I dig through my bag only to stab my finger on some random sharp object in my bag. "HOLY FUDGECAKES THAT HURT!" I screech as I grab both Anita's and Harry's attention. I instantly pull my hand out and start sucking on my finger to try and get rid of the pain that was stabbing through it. "It's okay you guys don't mind me I'm just bleeding to death over here." I call over to Harry who only rolls his eyes at me before apologizing to Anita and continuing with his flirting. Wow, I see how much my life is valued around here. I let out a deep breath before grabbing my bag and deciding to head home to at least get my finger bandaged. Harry still hasn't noticed me as I walk to the front door, but Anita had and she was trying to get Harry's attention. I only place a finger on my lips signaling for her to not say anything and with that I silently slip out of the restaurant. The paps quickly take notice that I exited the building without Harry by my side, and they quickly start questioning me.


"Where's Harry?"

"Are you two dating?"

"Why did you leave without Harry!"

"Who are you?"

"Are you one of Harry's whores?"


I clench my jaw and my fist as I angrily walk down the sidewalk. I wasn't going to let a bunch of lowlife paparazzi get on my nerves, no that was exactly what they wanted. They wanted me to blow up and scream at their faces so they can have their front page story. I could see it now:


"Harry Styles's Whore kills a swarm of paparazzi"


I mental laugh at myself since, this was going to be my life for the next six months. No privacy, no time alone, always getting judged. I was thankful that me and Harry hasn't encountered any fans on our little trip around the block. After a while they give up on following me, but that wasn't until I was about ten feet from the entrance of the apartment complex. Once I step inside I take a look around and try to remember how to get back up to my room.

"Great I am lost." I say out loud to no one in particular.

"Then maybe I can help?" I turn around to find the same boy who had saved me from falling on my ass.

"Ah, if it isn't Prince Charming? Come to save a damsel is distress, I see?" I said teasingly as he raises his hands above his head as a motion of surrender.

"You caught me." He said winking at me, but then glaring at someone behind me. I turn around to see who he was glaring at only to find Mr. Flirty Pants who asking the receptionist something. He was waving his hands around and making really weird signals with his hands, that from my angle looked really awkward. The receptionist only shook her head and waved him off. He glared at her before turning in my direction and capturing my attention from the lady to him. Even from so far way I could see a wave of relief flood his eyes before it was over ruled by a look of anger, hated, and was that jealously I saw in his eyes? I mentally smirked at myself for causing him all those kinds of emotions. He was going to learn to stop messing with other girl's emotions for his own pleasure. I was going to beat the player of at his own game.

"Payton, what are doing with him?" Harry asks me with jealous and anger lacing his every word. I only smile at Branden and send him a look that says play along.

"You see Harry, I met Braden yesterday. I thought he was a very nice guy so I was just asking him for his number; is that okay with you or are you 'jealous?'" I asked placing emphasis on the word jealous. I watch as Harry clenches his jaw and grinds his teeth, I couldn't help but let my lips form into a smirk. Seems the player is already losing at the game he is so well known for.

Payton: 1

Harold: 0


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