Cover Up

“I was wondering if you would like to do a small job for me, it will involve a lot of your time, but I am willing to pay you whatever it takes.” He says staring at me for a response.

“What kind of job?” I asked questioning him. Simon only looks around before lowering his voice and speaking to me.

“I have a client and he’s a little off the rails in the erm…woman department.” I interrupt him clearing something up for myself.

“A manwhore?” I said raising my eyebrows at him

Payton Kennings is your average girl, when she meets Simon Cowell in a small encounter at Starbucks and agrees to help him out with a cilent. But what she didn't know is that whens he accepted his deal, Payton had no idea what she had signed up for. Now she's stuck in a six month realtionship with a certain curly haired boy. Will Payton fall under his charms or will he fall under her's?


19. I'll Save You.

Cover Up

Chapter 18

{Harry’s POV}


Three weeks.

That’s how long it took for me to basically spill my life to Payton and it worries how much I trust and care about her. We've been sitting here on the same bench for the last hour, barely any words have been exchanged between us. It doesn't worry me though because of she was truly disgusted by my past then she would have gotten up and left. That’s Payton for you; she’s strong and seems to have no breaking point, but beneath all the strength is a broken girl. I know that we had promised each other that we would both say the thing that has been holding both of us back all these years, but Payton has yet to even mention the problems between her and her parents. I don’t feel like it is right of me to press the issue seeing that it clearly had a pretty large effect of her life, but the curiosity was starting to burn again. Her brother’s words seem to pass through my mind ever since he spoke to us at the restaurant over two weeks ago.

“You need to move on Payton neither me nor Eli, blame you for what happened. You're the only one who believes it was your fault, Payton you need to let that go.”

What had happened that made Payton blame herself so much because from what I had gathered the last couple of weeks she wasn't the kind of girl who just blamed herself. She wouldn't do that unless she honestly believed that it was her fault.

“Payton-” I start only to be stopped by the sound of her voice as she finally speaks after my confession. At first I believed she had done it to allow myself to calm down, since after telling her I felt a bit shaken. The dark memories of the receiving the call from innocent Leigh’s mother telling me that she had taken her own life, but after even reassuring Payton that I was fine she still didn't speak. That’s when I realized she hadn't been waiting for me, but preparing herself.

“My parents are dead.” She spoke suddenly her eyes squeezing tightly shut as the words rushed into the cold air around us.

“I didn't-” I start to offer her my deepest condolences only to be stopped once again by Payton’s voice.

“Don’t say it. Don’t tell me how sorry and how much you pity me. Don’t even bother, Harold because the only reason they are gone is because of me.” She said opening her eyes and for the first time since meeting Payton I see her vulnerable side and honestly that breaks my heart. Her brother words finally making sense in my head. Payton blamed herself for her parents’ deaths and although her brothers clearly don’t think so she does.

“Payton, what happened?” I ask wrapping my arm around her small shoulders and bringing her closer to me in hope of comforting her. After pulling her as close and I could she just sits there not speaking, not crying, she just sits there. I don’t press the subject further, because this is greater than me there is nothing I can really do to relax her and that angers me. I am so use to having the power to lighten the mood or at least changing the subject, but with Payton I honestly don’t think those little tricks will work. All I can do is offer my comfort and be patient which after a while I find is a bit harder with each passing minute, because I want to know. I want to be able to be one of those few people that knows the truth behind Payton, like Alyssa and Cara do. I want to be so close to her that she turns to me instead of Alyssa in her time of need, but the only way I could do that is with being patient right now. “Do you want to head back home? I can take you home and make you a nice cuppa?” I offer and she only shakes her head before mumbling something about liking the fresh air. So we just sit there on the same butt numbing bench that we have been sitting in for the last two hours. The paparazzi had lost interest in us about half an hour after not moving so they packed their vans and left in search for a big scoop. It was just us and a few older couples or families walking about the park, but since it was getting late slowly the people started to disappear. Soon it was only the occasional elderly couple or a few college students returning for their night classes. Yet we didn't move Payton didn't move her head from my shoulder and I didn't move my arm from around her small waist.

“It’s getting late.” She mumbled quietly I guess finally realizing that it was indeed getting pretty dark.

“I know.” I simply say which causes a soft giggle to leave her lips and a small surge of power flows through my veins at the sound of it.

“We should probably head back before Lyssa or Cara start blowing up my phone asking where I am.” She said slowly moving her position and standing up and twisting her body until you heard the satisfying cracks of her back. I stay frozen on the bench when she doesn't even acknowledge the previous conversation. “Are you coming or are you going to just live on that bench?” Payton said smirking down at me, vulnerable Payton erased from existence. There wasn't even a small clue to the fact that she had just confessed her guilt to me only about forty-five minutes ago. She was good, the masks she wears finding its way so easily back onto her expression. Just like Leigh’s used to do when we had talked only weeks before the horrible accident. The way her eyes would lose their shine and when I would point it out a large smile would find its way back onto her face.

“Yeah.” I mumble standing up and taking her hand so I could lead her out of the park to her car. Women are confusing, it’s true that they are and I guess in a way so are we men, but women. I just don’t understand, why do they were those mask? The ones that hide the pain they are suffering underneath, why not just look unhappy so we can help? I had asked the very same thing to my therapist after Leigh’s death, I asked her the same question so many times and she only had one response.

“Because Harry sometimes we like people to fight for us, so we can see that in reality we really aren’t what we believe ourselves to be. Not just women are like this, all humans are. It’s the need to be cared for that brings this part out of us. It’s our way of silently shouting to the world that we are in need, because under mask is some broken person who is shouting for help, but we hide them waiting for the right person to help them.”

I want to be that person. If I couldn’t have been that person for Leigh who had not only been one of the girls who had stolen my heart, my very first love, but also my best friend then I wanted to be that person for Payton. The girl that after only a few weeks had me so confused that I didn’t even know my left from my right anymore. I was going to help the broken soul that Payton has hidden inside her, the same one that her brother warned me about. The one that is a ticking time bomb. I am going to save Payton, if it’s the very last thing I ever do.


Author’s Note:


Well I promised frequent updates and here you go.

So…how’s everyone’s life? Mine…has been quiet boring to say the least. First week of summer over and I have accomplished…three things

Gotten my license. Updated Not died of boredom

WHOO! MY LIFE IS SO AMAZING! Sometimes I really want to just have a fun summer adventure sadly my only adventure I will have is me and my best friend’s annual trip to the local zoo. You would think that now that I have my license I would have more of a social life…but no. So…does anyone want to see what I am up to this summer? Well if you follow my instagram I shall post pictures of my “lovely” summer.

Instagram: @fallingforyou21

Twitter: @fallingforyou21


…yup…that is all.


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