Cover Up

“I was wondering if you would like to do a small job for me, it will involve a lot of your time, but I am willing to pay you whatever it takes.” He says staring at me for a response.

“What kind of job?” I asked questioning him. Simon only looks around before lowering his voice and speaking to me.

“I have a client and he’s a little off the rails in the erm…woman department.” I interrupt him clearing something up for myself.

“A manwhore?” I said raising my eyebrows at him

Payton Kennings is your average girl, when she meets Simon Cowell in a small encounter at Starbucks and agrees to help him out with a cilent. But what she didn't know is that whens he accepted his deal, Payton had no idea what she had signed up for. Now she's stuck in a six month realtionship with a certain curly haired boy. Will Payton fall under his charms or will he fall under her's?


6. Don't Ask

Cover Up    

Chapter 6    

~Alyssa's POV~    

"My little PayPay has grown up!" I shout happily around our flat as I stand in Payton's room with only a towel cover my body.    

"Lyss, naked girl standing in front of you, who has about forty minutes to get ready to face the wrath of an army of 15 year old girls." She said motioning towards her body with her free hand.    

"Right sorry, gotta focus. Hold on let me go grab my newest fashion deciding buddies!" I said as I leave her room before deciding that I should probably at least give her some underwear to put on. I walk back and dig through her now unpacked clothes to pull out a dark purple bra and a pair of panties about the same color. "Here put this on and put your robe on. " I command her as she groans. I send her a quick glare which causes her to instantly sober up and listen to my orders. I walk towards the guys' flat to go grab Louis and Zayn. Louis had helped me with Payton's last outfit and Zayn had about the same fashion taste as Payton. They both had the whole "I'm a badass fear me" style going on so I was hoping he would kinda know what Payton would like to wear. While Louis would give in his and Harry's input since he knew Harry so well. I knock on their door and instead of the guys a girl answers the door.     "Hello, can I help you?" She asks with a friendly smile. I take in her appearance and suddenly recognize who I am talking to.    

"Hi, I am looking for Louis and Zayn?" I asked Eleanor as she quirks her eyebrows and nods.    

"Okay, let me get them. What's your name?" She asked before I hear Louis scream from inside the flat.    

"EL WHO'S AT THE DOOR!" Suddenly there was a thundering sound of footsteps, followed by a thump, which probably meant one of the guys fell.    

"ALYSSA!" Niall shouts and gently makes his way past Eleanor so he could get to me.    

"What brings you to our humble home." He says politely before ushering me into the flat.    

"Well, I was going to borrow Louis and Zayn, but I see no one had informed me their girlfriends were here." I said frowning at Niall who instantly looked away from my eyes.    

"Sorry." He mumbled as Eleanor only smirked at him before turning her attention to me.    

"By the way I am Eleanor Louis' girlfriend." She says with an extended hand. "And Perrie, Zayn's girlfriend, went out for a bit." She said while I shook her hand.    

"Ah, darn I was going to steal her too." I said pouting which caused Eleanor to look at me like I was completely insane. "Sorry, I should explain. Well you see-"     

"ALYSSA!" Suddenly I see Louis charging towards me. I close my eyes waiting for the impact, but instead I feel two arms wrapped around me! "What are you doing here?" He asked before letting me go and standing next to Eleanor with his arm around her shoulder. Aww, look at them...they need to get married and have adorable little babies! FOCUS ALYSSA!    

"Well I was going to steal you and Zayn, but instead I am stealing Eleanor!" I said while grabbing her hand, which probably made me seem completely insane.    

"Why are you stealing my girlfriend?" Louis said with his arms crossed over his tone chest. FOCUS ALYSSA! THINK ABOUT...OH GOD, Yeah think of God go into nun mode.    

"I need her opinion on an outfit for Cara?" I lied questionably, since Harry was standing right there.    

"Oh! I don't mind helping you out, but I think having the guys' opinions would be good." Eleanor says motioning for the guys to follow us.    

"NO! Erm, Cara doesn't want Harry's opinion." I quickly lie which leads everyone to raise an eyebrow at me. "She hates Harry's style?" I said timidly trying to get Harry to stay behind.    

"Fine, then I don't like her style either." He huffed before heading back into the flat and away from front door. I sigh in relief that I was finally able to rid of Harry.    

"I am guessing we aren't helping Cara, but Payton?" Louis asked which made me widened my eyes that he could figure it out so quickly.    

"Yeah, come on before he figures it out and demands to come with us." I said walking out and heading back towards our flat. We walk in to the flat to hear the stereo blasting for Payton's room, which currently had the door closed.    

"PAYTON!" I scream through the door, while her screeching of the lyrics echoes through the walls of we room.    







I open the door slightly to see Payton on top of her bed dancing around I only her panties, while "singing" into her hair brush.    

"Damn, Payton you go some nice moves!" Louis shouts from behind me and then two whacks on probably from Eleanor and the other from one of the guys.    

"AH!" She scream falling onto her bed and randomly throwing stuff on top of her to cover herself. "Have you ever heard of a little thing called privacy!?" She shouted at us, as I glare at her.    

"I KNOCKED!" I shouted at her, which causes her to slightly lighten up.    

"Oh, can I help you?" She said with a sweet smile on her lips.    

"We're here to help you get ready for your date." Eleanor said motioning if she could look in Payton's closet that was now organized thanks to me. Louis follows her into the closet and almost instant pulls out a asymmetric black dress that Payton had bought a few months ago.    

"I like this." He says while passing it to Eleanor who examined it carefully.    

"Me too, but you should put it on just to make sure it looks good." She says as she takes a sea next to Liam and Zayn who sat on the couch in Payton's room. Niall was standing looking at the random pictures around Payton's room when one in particular seemed to catch his eye. He was staring intensely at the picture of a young Payton about the age of ten where she stood posing with her entire family. I stare at Niall hoping he doesn't bring up the picture or hoping that Payton left the room before he decides to ask anything. I was wishing hoping that he didnt bring it up, but just as Payton grabbed the dress to change into it, fate goes against me and Niall opens his mouth.    

"Is this your family Payton?" He asked pointing at the picture that clouded her past so darkly. Everyone else walks up to the picture and examines it as I watch Payton. Her body is tense with both anger and fear, but no one else seems to realize it because no one knows Payton like I do. I know the way her shoulders hitch up a bit in anger and the way her her muscles seem to be made out of stone when she afraid. These are the little things you learn about someone once you live with them for three years.    

"Yes." She growls before walking into the bathroom and shutting the door loudly behind her. Niall instantly looks at me for an explanation.    

"Did I say something wrong?" He said innocently as wave of guilt washes over his features.    

"Kinda, you just hit a pretty sore spot in her life. Just don't bring it up again." I said turning at looking at the door to Payton's bathroom with a concerned look.    

"Why?" Liam asked quietly, trying to make sure that Payton didn't hear him.    

"I can't say Liam, maybe one day she will tell you guys. Right now I think it's best to just let it go and not mention it again." I said with an annoyed look as the door to Payton's clicks signaling she is coming back out. The air around us get serious as everyone tries to push that last moment way. Payton walks out her eyes locked on the ground ahead of her as she tries to avoid our eyes.   

"Wow! Lou, I have to say you certainly have good taste in women's clothing." Zayn says as he gives Payton's body a once over, while the other boys do the say looking at her speechless. She looked breathtaking, the dress seemed to flow with her body. Showing off just the right about of skin to seem playful and not scandalizing.    

"It's scary that Louis has a better fashion sense then me." Payton joked as she fixed the top of her dress so it wouldn't slip. "But, it's a little loose on top." She declared as she tried to fix so it wouldn't fall, but it wasn't working.    

"I know what can fix that." Eleanor said getting up to her room so she could grab whatever it is she was going to grab. The guys were still stating at Payton taking in her curves and suddenly I see Liam's eyes wander to the scar on her thigh. I start to panic they had already mentioned her past once and now they were going to mention it again!    

"Hey, Payton what-" I cut Liam off before he could cause any damaged.    

"What shoes do you plan on wearing?" I said finishing the sentence with something completely different from what he was going to say.  

"I wasn't going to say-" I cut him off again while sending him a pointed looked that said shut the hell up now!  

"He wasn't going to say anything but he really likes those cream studded heels!" I said gesturing for Liam to get up and go grab them. He nods slowly before getting up and I follow behind him. We finally reach the large walk in closet that was in Payton's room and I sit in with him.  

"Why did you bring me in here?" He asked as I looked around for the cream studded heels, but then I spot Payton's black heels that I knew would look a billion times better. I grab then and turn towards Liam who was looking at me slightly suspiciously.  

"I forgot to warn you about the scars on her legs. Can we just not mention those either?" I said to Liam whom quickly nodded and followed me out back towards Payton who had a smirk on her face as everyone around her was laughing. "Why is everyone laughing?" I asked completely confused on what was mentally wrong with the people in front of me.    

"Payton has a very creative theory." Zayn says smiling up at my now red headed best friend.   

"And what might this theory be Payton?" I asked her with my eyebrows raised at my smirking best friend.  

"Oh, nothing." She says cooly before grabbing the shoes in my hands and slipping them on. I frown at her as she runs a hand through her slightly wavy hair that was now dry.  

"Okay then." I said reluctantly as the boys, Eleanor and me give her a quick once over making sure she looked good. I had always have envied her smooth curvy figure that she had. I knew that Payton always felt like she wasn't beautiful enough and I remember the times my best friend had to battle her inner demons, that told her she was worthless. I watched as a small smile played on Payton's lips as she gave us a quick twirl and giggled like a school girl. I feel my eyes slightly tear up at the sight in front of me, it has been over four years since I have seen so much happiness on Payton's face. After all the horrible hurdles that she had to pass, I knew that she deserved to be rightfully happy, but life always seemed to disagree with me.       

"Lyss you okay?" Payton said pulling me out of my inner thoughts and into the happy reality in front of me.   "I just can't remember the last time you looked all dressed up like this." I said clasping my hands together like a proud mother would.  

"I know, it'a strange seeing in all dressed up for some stupid date." She said smiling at her reflection before she turned to Eleanor. "Do you by any chance know what to do with my hair, because I know Lyss is horrible with hair." She asked Eleanor who only smiled and nodded her head.  

"I have an idea." She said before shooing away the rest of the boys so she could work on the rest of Payton's fancy makeover. If Harry doesn't think Pay, looks completely stunning after this then. He clearly has some sort of visual problem.  


||: A/N  

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